Brick Creeper

aka Brick the Creeper

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in a state of insanity
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Student, Artist, Writer, Administrator
  • I am Epic, Awsome, Dashing, and a Christian!

Brick Creeper

"Pray as if everything relies on God, work as if evrything relies on you."

Hello <insert name here> and welcome to my user page! I'm an administrator here, that means I can delete pages, close threads, block users, and a bunch of other neat things. So if you're having any trouble, need help, or just want to chat, send me a message on my message wall!

NOTICE: I may be inactive due to school and stuff, I hope you understand.

My Contacts

My Sprites

I also sprite in my free time. Check out some of them below!

My Projects


  • Write My Story! (Postponed)
  • Work on The End. (current)
  • Start my Ocram re-make. (?)
  • Make more female NPCs. (Current)
  • Start the "Betrayal" and related ideas... (?)


Long Term

  • Finish War Mode.
  • Add categories to all articles.
  • Remove all articles from Cleanup.
  • Be a kind and friendly user.


  • Sprite Granite/Marble Sword
  • Sprite Cat stuff
  • Start being more active! ("Stop kidding yourself Brick, that's never going to happen!" ... "Shut Up")
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