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  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Messing around
  • I am Male

Hello, my name is Arthurtilly and I am a Moderator on this wiki. I spend most of my time either playing Terraria, Minecraft, watching TV or contributing to this wiki.

My Pages

The pages under "Other ideas used" are not my ideas, they are other ideas used in the article (with permission).

Other ideas used
Enemies Banners Drops Bosses Trophies Other
Baby Skeleton Baby Skeleton Banner AK-47 Bony Paladin Bony Paladin Trophy Bony Standard
Copper Armored Skeleton Copper Skeleton Banner Bony Paladin's Hammer Flaming Skeletron Flaming Skeletron Trophy Skeletal Sword
Fiery Armored Skeleton Fiery Skeleton Banner Book of Flaming Skulls Giant Skeleton Giant Skeleton Trophy Bone Scepter
Gold Armored Skeleton Gold Skeleton Banner Crossbone Terra Warrior Terra Warrior Trophy
Green Armored Skeleton Green Skeleton Banner Flaming Skeletron Mask
Hallow Armored Skeleton Hallow Skeleton Banner Ghostly Bone
Iron Armored Skeleton Iron Skeleton Banner Giant Bone
Lead Armored Skeleton Lead Skeleton Banner Skeleton Staff
Platinum Armored Skeleton Platinum Skeleton Banner Spiritual Beam Sword
Professer Bones Silver Skeleton Banner Terra Armor
Silver Armored Skeleton Skeleton Crossbowman Banner
Skeleton Crossbowman Skeleton Gunner Banner
Skeleton Gunner Skellbunny Banner
Skeleton Mage Tin Skeleton Banner
Skellbunny Tungsten Skeleton Banner
Skelly Copter
Tin Armored Skeleton
Tungsten Armored Skeleton
Loot Other ideas used Other
Health Charm Cloud Greatsword Nature Key
Hell Scythe Cryocite Bar
Mana Charm Golden Carrot
Nature Giantsword Soul of Bright
Slime Spawn Staff Toast
Super Charm
Weapons/Armor Other
Invisiblium Armor Invisiblium Bar
Invisiblium Chainsaw Invisiblium Brick
Invisiblium Drill Invisiblium Brick Wall
Invisiblium Pickaxe Luminescence
Invisiblium Sword Luminescence Potion
Weapons/Armor Drops Other
Bunhammer Egg Bomb Bunny Bar
Bunny Armor Lepus Fluff Mechanical Egg
Bunny Axe Lepus Prime Trophy Supah Bird
Bunny Pickaxe March Hare Warrior Bird
Bunny Repeater
Sword of the Lepus
Related Pages
Related Pages Other ideas used
Aqua Frost Boots Soul of Bright
Drops Other
Force Field Generator Silicon Chip
Mechanical Bone
Mechanical Cannon
Mechanical Flail
Mechanical Gun
Mechanical Laser
Mechanical Saw
Mechanical Sword


I also make some sprites, although they are not that great. I only really make sprites for small items, and most are recolours, but I'm okay at original sprites too. Here's a list of all my sprites:

If you want a small sprite, tell me on my message wall and I'll try to help you.

To-Do List

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