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  • I am very huggable given sufficient protective gear
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"I am a gamer not because I choose not to have a life. It's because I choose to have many."

-Anonymous, but does it matter?

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Hi there! I'm 652Graystripe, a moderator here at the Fan Ideas Wiki. If you have questions, ask on my Message Wall - free of charge (and logic)!

1st-place Week I - True Moonlight Sword True Moonlight Sword

2nd-place Week II - Lawnmower Lawnmower 2

2nd-place Week III - Paladin Greatsword Paladin Greatsword

3rd-place Week IV - Sparklight Hammer Sparklight Hammer

1st-place Week V - Abandoned Golem Abandoned Golem

1st-place Week VI - Solar Logo Solar Logo

I do sprite and occasionally take requests. Request 'em on my message wall or on my sprite thread, where you can also view my complete collection.

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