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The Time Invasion is a War Mode Time-themed event. It is starts when a Fast Clock is dropped into lava in any above ground desert, and ends once the final wave is complete. During the event unique and highly difficult enemies spawn at high rates and attack the player. It is similar to the Frost Moon and Pumpkin moon events, though much more difficult. Unique music also plays.

The entire Time Invasion event consists of 15 waves, which progress as you reach certain kill scores (though kill scores are not displayed to the player). Each killed enemy increases the kill score by a differing amount. After a wave's required score is met, the next wave begins, and the kill score is reset to 0. Chat messages will indicate when the event advances waves, and which wave has been achieved. See the table below (Waves) for the points awarded for each enemy and the score required for each wave.

The Fast Clock that summons the Time Invasion requires materials available in Hard mode but can only be triggered in worlds that have entered War Mode. As such, it is intended to present a challenge even to players with the best possible equipment. In the final waves, multiple boss-level enemies are fought at once.

Time Invasion enemies drop powerful weapons and accessories. There are also pets and vanity items. Most drop with extreme rarity, and even players who manage to complete the event will find they need to do so several times before obtaining them all. Drop chances for Boss-dropped items increase the later the wave in which they spawn.

Warp Drones can spawn in any wave but are more common and spawn in larger groups during the later waves.


From Space Commando:

From Warper:

From Jetpack Commando:

From Portal Gunner:

From Mind of the Future (all uncommon):

From Eater of Life:

From Skeletron Mech:

From The Triplets:


Points per kill

  • Warp Drone: 1
  • Space Commando: 2
  • Warper: 3
  • Jetpack Commando: 5
  • Portal Gunner: 10
  • Mind of the Future: 25
  • Eater of Life: 150
  • Skeletron Mech: 75
  • The Triplets: 25

Wave scores & enemies


Points Required


1 0 Warp Drone, and Space Commando
2 100 Warp Drone, Space Commando, and Warper
3 250 Space Commando, Warper, and Jetpack Commando
4 400 Warp Drone, Space Commando, Warper, Jetpack Commando, and Skeletron Mech
5 500 Space Commando, Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, and Skeletron Mech
6 600 Warp Drone, Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, and Skeletron Mech
7 700 Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, and The Triplets
8 800 Warp Drone, Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
9 900 Warp Drone, Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, Mind of the Future, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
10 1000 Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, Mind of the Future, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
11 1100 Warp Drone, Space Commando, Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, Mind of the Future, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
12 1200 Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, Mind of the Future, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
13 1300 Warp Drone, Portal Gunner, Mind of the Future, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
14 1400 Space Commando, Mind of the Future, Skeletron Mech, and The Triplets
15 1500 Warp Drone, Space Commando, Warper, Jetpack Commando, Portal Gunner, and Eater of Life


  • Water Candles, Battle Potions and Calming Potions have no effect during the invasion.
  • If the player is killed during the event, the event is not cancelled. The player will keep re-spawning and can continue fighting its enemies as the event continues until complete. In single-player games, exiting the world and reloading it will NOT cancel the event.
  • The Time Invasion does not stack with the Blood Moon. Summoning the Time Invasion will cancel the Blood Moon if it is active.
  • Spawn rates for areas where Time Invasion enemies cannot spawn are also increased. For example, there will spawn lots of Sharks and Crabs in the Ocean, allowing the player to farm for Pirate Maps.
  • The Mind of the Future is the crimson alternative of the Eater of Life


Lunar Event Aaron's Remix (Terraria)

Lunar Event Aaron's Remix (Terraria)

  • Most Time Invasion enemies are susceptible to the Ichor Debuff, which makes a Flask of Ichor or the Golden Shower spell very effective.
  • Create an Arena with several Traps to deal with the smaller enemies while you focus on The Triplets and Skeletron Mech.
  • Kill the enemies as soon as they spawn, to ensure that more enemies can spawn
Pirates Invasion Aaron Remix (Terraria)

Pirates Invasion Aaron Remix (Terraria)

continuously, in order to increase the chances of surviving later waves. The arena should have predictable spawning zones and no caves where enemies can become trapped. Extra spawning layers can be created with a height of three blocks to take advantage of the anomaly of the Spiky Ball Trap that shoots up if there are two blocks below it. The Traps should all be connected together by the same wire and be activated by a Timer or by using several Yellow Pressure Plate, which ignore the player. Where the enemies spawn relative to the player depends on the game resolution. If playing in 800x600 they will spawn the closest to the player. After the event, if the spawning pads are long enough, there should be seen clusters of loot indicating where they spawn. The arena can be tested by summoning a Pirate Invasion-the invasion should be defeated in record time and a minimal number of enemies should reach the player. While using this strategy during the Time Invasion, the only serious threat will be the bosses.