The Trials is a dimension that it traveled through with the Portal.
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The Trials

The Trials is a dimension that can be traveled to, it consists of 100 different rooms with enemies getting more difficult each floor that the player travels to.

Entering The Trials

If the player attempts to enter The Trials in anything but War Mode, a notification will appear on screen reading, "You cannot attempt to enter The Trials right now...". When the player enters it in War Mode, it will read "Are you sure you want to enter? Once you enter there is no going back" If the player selects the "Yes" option the player will be teleported to a room with yellow walls and a door in the middle of the room. In the overworld the Portal will be deactivated, returning to an empty portal frame.

Once the player enters the door, The Trials will begin. On each floor player then must kill enemies until one of them drops a key, which can be used to open the door leading to the next floor. Floors 1-100 will be described in the following section.



Floors 1-10 are mainly Plasma-based. The design of it is black and blue.

  1. 10 Plasma Knights
  2. 5 Plasma Archers, 10 Plasma Knights
  3. 1 Plasma Infused Worm, 5 Plasma Archers
  4. 5 Plasma Drones, 5 Plasma Infused Worms
  5. 3 Plasma Golems, 10 Plasma Drones
  6. 10 Plasma Scorpions, 6 Plasma Golems
  7. 25 Plasma Spiders, 20 Plasma Scorpions
  8. 5 Plasma Cannons, 50 Plasma Spiders
  9. 1 Plasmadan, 10 Plasma Cannons
  10. Plasma Supercomputer (boss)