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"You feel a combination of foes..."

The Combined

Temporary sprite

-Message when The Combined spawn

The Combined is a near end-game War Mode boss summoned with a Mechanical Wormhead at night. Sawinator and Spazivicetisim (the Melee Eyes) occasionally breathes a blast of cursed flame, like second stage Spazmatism. Retilaser and Cannonisim (the Ranged Eyes) occasionally fire a barrage of 20 lasers, like Retinazer.


Sawinator (Perceptionator)

  • 36,000 Health (Turns at 23,000 Health)
  • 49 Damage
  • 39 Damage (Fire Spark)

Spazivicetisim (Spazimantisim)

  • 35,000 health (Turns at 25,000 Health)
  • 44 damage

Retilaser (Retinazer)

  • 35,000 health (Turns at 23,000 Health)
  • 15 damage (lasers do 45)

Cannonisim (Jawbrawn)

  • 36,000 health (Turns at 24,000 Health)
  • 15 damage (bombs do 54)

The Fight

Stage 1

When The Combined spawn, they look like two eyes and The Fleshballs connected by the tendril. Sawinator has a yellow pupil, Spazivicetisim has a green one, Retilaser has a red one, and Cannonisim has a orange one. The ME (Melee Eyes) charge the player, trying to deal as much damage as possible. This can be fatal, so used ranged weapons against the ME.

The RE (Ranged Eyes) hover above the player(s), firing a laser every second. If the player moves away, the eyes stay where they are, firing lasers. Then they zoom at unbeatable speeds to the player(s), and continue the barrage.

If the player damages a eye, the eye draws back about 10 blocks, then charges forward.

Stage 2

When an eye goes into the second stage, they grow their Weapons, and obtain special powers. Sawinator grows a mechanical saw, and fires Fire Sparks super-rapidly at the player, dealing 39 damage per spark. Spazivicetisim grows a mechanical vice, and every 15 seconds, the vice grows as long as a player, and the eye spins like the Eye of Cthulhu when it is changing to second stage. After 10 seconds of this, it chases the player for 20 seconds, and then repeats. Retilaser grows a laser cannon, and fires 5 lasers per second at the player. Cannonisim grows a cannon, and fires a bomb per second at the player. Every 35th bomb it fires becomes a Homing Missile, which follows the player, and then hits he/she and explodes, dealing 67 damage.


  • 56 gold
  • Sawinator Trophy (Sawinator Only) 1%
  • Spazivicetisim Trophy (Spazivicetisim only) 1%
  • Retilaser Trophy (Retilaser only) 1%
  • Cannonisim Trophy (Cannonisim only) 1%
  • Soul of Sight (45-76) 100%
  • Soul of Might (45-75) 100%
  • Soul of Fright (45-75) 100%

Drops Either

  • Optic Staff
  • Seeing Eye
  • Eye Blade


Retinatizer and Perceptionator are missing their lazer cannons, and instead have the Prime Weapons.

Credit for the sprite goes to TropiKid


The Fleshballs are one of the components, and will have a new sprite for the combined.

The Fleshballs Combined

New sprite. (Needs tweaking)