Since we are a professional wiki, we have a certain style of making pages. Please refer to this guide if you forget it! Note that, while making pages against this guide is discouraged, it is not a bannable offense unless the user does it specifically for trolling purposes or continues after multiple warnings from staff.

Page Title

First occurence of the page name should be bolded. The game mode should also be added. Some more information about it (like abilities or attacks) can be added here if it cannot be placed in Notes or Trivia.


Stats (if applicable) have to be placed in bullet points.

  • Health (if it's a monster, you may use the heart template, put {{Hp}} in Source Editor.)
  • Damage (if it is a weapon, specify which type)
  • Defense
  • Speed
  • Knockback
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Mana Cost (if it's a magic weapon)
  • Velocity (if throwing weapon)

Note that all the above stats do not need to be added, but there should be at least three.


Ingredients and crafting station have to be in bullet points.

  • Ingredient 1
  • Ingredient 2, etc.

Crafted at:

  • Crafting station

Note that the "Crafted at:" does not need to be italicized, but it must have a colon. Also, if one or item is crafted that should be stated under the header. Preferably italicized.

used in

(if the item is a material)

(what it crafts)

  • (the item on the page)
  • (any other ingredients)

crafted at:

  • crafting station


  • Notes about the item/monster/etc.


  • Interesting trivia about things like the name of the item/monster/etc.


The following is an example of how a proper page should look.

The Terra Blade is a Hard Mode Weapon crafted from various other weapons. It fires a pulsing green projectile.


  • 95 Melee Damage
  • 15 Speed (very fast)
  • 6.5 Knockback (strong)
  • 4% critical chance


  • True Night's Edge
  • True Excalibur

Crafted at:

  • Orichalcum/Mythril Anvil


  • It has a rarity of yellow and sells for 20 gold.


  • Up until 1.3.0 it required a Broken Hero Sword to craft.