Articles on the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki may be deleted, if they do not comply with these guidelines. By reading this, you are given a whole knowledge of what guidelines to comply with when creating ideas.

Note that, if your idea is deleted, it is against the wiki's policy to complain about it if its deletion complies with these regulations. If you believe its deletion did not comply with these guidelines, you may appeal its deletion here. Please do not post your appeal in a blog post, message, or forum thread that is not on the Appeal Board.

Administrators will do their best to avoid deleting ideas, but instead fix them up. Deletion is an absolute last resort for pages that contain so little information, or are so badly formatted, that they may not be fixable.

Formatting Guidelines

  • An idea must comply to the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki page format guide.
  • Proper English-language grammar must be used.
  • The idea can not be an exact, or near, copy of another idea.
    • (Example: If there is already a War Mode Skeletron Prime, there is not a need for another one.)

If one or more of these is in violation, it may be subject to deletion or reformatting. Generally, deletion is only used as a last resort when a page violates two or more of these guidelines majorly or when the user has not fixed it in the time allotted.

Sprite Deletion

  • A sprite may be removed from a page if it does not comply with our image policy.