The Stalker is a War Mode enemy found in the War Mode Dungeon (Unlocked when Aurum is defeated) that behaves similarly to the Slasher during The Solar Eclipse Event, as it is invisible when it is spawned until it attacks the player. It is very quick and deals lots of damage with its Stalker's Handheld Wolverine Claws and flees as soon as it attacks the player and if it goes out the player's screen before the player starts chasing it or deals damage to it, then it disappears and performs another sneak attack on the player. If caught and hit, it fights normally with its claws. The sneak attacks also have a 100% chance to inflict the 'Horrific Shock' which decreases all the player's stats and has a 25% chance to instantly kill the player and lasts until the responsible Stalker is dead. Every time the stalker performs a sneak attack, it loses half of its chance to inflict Horrific Shock until it gets to 0%, where then the Stalker stops preforming sneak attacks.


  • Damage (With Stalker's Handheld Wolverine Claws) 250 (Physical damage with chance to cause bleeding)
  • 750 Heart (Resists 24% of Physical Damage)
  • 6% chance to double damage
  • Movement speed: Medium (Normal speed) Very Fast (Fleeing speed)


  • Stalker's Handheld Wolverine Claws (15% Chance) (Weapon)
  • Renegade Bandana (25% Chance) (Armor)
  • Dark Hood (15% Chance) (Armor)
  • Reinforced Robes (Always) (Armor)
  • Incognito Cape (15%) (Armor)