"A creature of great beauty and power. It is said that the spirit yearns for the great expanses of space so much, that in it's anger it can create hurricanes that topple mountains... but that's just a myth... or not."

The Spirit of Flight is a boss in The End, and the first spirit you face. It looks like a large, Griffin/Owl/Gorilla-like creature. Randomly, after you destroy the Ancient Tablet, a message saying "The wind whispers..." will appear. This indicates that you must travel to the space biome. Once there, the screen will start to darken. Once the screen turns to black, it lights back up, but this time with a heavy blue tint. At this point the Sprit of Flight will spawn.

The Fight

The Spirit will begin by making dashes at the player, dealing heavy damage. After a few runs, it will hang back and start shooting blade-like projectiles in clusters. It will then proceed to charge at you, repeating this pattern until it gets to low health. Once it is almost dead, it will freeze in midair, and begin to fire enormous gusts of wind that do not deal any damage, but are almost impossible to dodge and make it very hard for the player to hit the spirit. If the player comes into contact with anything solid while being blown by these gusts if wind, it can deal immense damage. Periodically, the spirit will create wind currents the pull chunks of earth out of nearby ground (these are just projectiles, and aren't actually made of blocks) and throw them at the player. Once it is defeated, it vanishes and the message, "The Spirit of Flight has fled!" will appear in the chat.


  • During the fight, the screen goes in and out of focus, similar to how the screen looks before facing the Moon Lord.
  • If you leave the space biome during the fight, you will get pulled back by an invisible force. This can be very disorienting.
  • It currently has only 1 drop, but it is bound to drop more in a later update.
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