Soul Flame Armor is the final mage class armor of War Mode and the game. It appears to be made of bright red and orange fabrics and white hot metal.


  • 136 Defence
  • +86% Magic Damage
  • +88% Magic Critical Strike Chance
  • +120 Mana
  • +50% Movement Speed

Set Bonuses

  • When a piece is equipped, enemies have a chance to drop Ember Hearts and Ember Stars. For consecutive piece equipped the chance grows higher until it caps at 80% when all pieces are worn.
Ember Hearts act like life fruit and increase your max health by 10.
Ember Stars increase your max mana by 10.
Both these affects will disappear after a short while.
  • Any enemy struck with a magic weapon wil explode dealing extra damage, lighting them on fire, and damaging enemies near it.


Can be crafted when all essences are consumed