The Robot is a hard mode NPC that spawns after Golem has been defeated. It looks like a wind-up robot toy. He appears to have been Golem's servant.






Robo 3000


Mechatron 3000



"What's 56+1? 561, of course."

"Maybe (Mechanic's Name) can fix my systems; I'm glitching..."

"Scanning...Scanning...I detected a probe nearby!" (only if there is a martian probe on the screen)

"I used to have this friend. His name was C 3PO or something."

"What? No, I was not constructed by Martians."

"If you thought (steampunker's name)'s Clentaminator was good, try my Clemo...Clema...I forgot."

"I wonder if that is Martian beaming the moon" (only during blood moon)

"Want a Clockwork Assault Rifle? They're cheap, only $9.99!"

"Have you defeated my tyrannical master yet?"

"Oh no! the Death Star!" (only during eclipse)

"Retrievers! Retrievers! Find your probe today!"

"That (goblin tinkerer's name) thinks his inventions are so smart! Why, have you seen him make a laser gun?"

"My power is you happen to have a charger?"

"hey, could you spare a few wires?"

Items for Sale

Robo-Retriever (50 gold)

Titanium Bars (23 silver)

Drill Containment Unit (1 platinum) after Moon Lord has been defeated.

Avenger Emblem (15 gold)

Rocket V (75 silver)

Robot Whistle (45 gold)


The quote "I used to have this friend. His name was C 3PO or something." is a reference to C 3PO from Star Wars.

The quote "Oh no! The Death Star!" is a reference to the Death Star from Star Wars

Although claiming he sells Clockwork Assualt Rifles, he doesn't.

Although saying he does, he doesn't use real money to buy items.