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The RHG Duelist is an NPC that sells items relating to RHG characters. He wears a long gray coat. Moves in sometime after the Hypersteel Era ends.


  • Ada's Sword
  • Jomm's Sword
  • Chuck's Nunchaku
  • Hyun's Yoyo
  • Hyun's Party Hat
  • Oreo's Hook
  • Nhazul's Scarf
  • Elextricking's Miniscythe
  • Aero's Hoverboard
  • Franky's Glove
  • Guz's Gunscythe
  • Kursura's Swordgun
  • Umbrella's Wings
  • Triton's Trident
  • Jade's Spear
  • Yupia's Beam
  • Fordz's Double Scythe
  • Shuriken's Stars
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