Night Slimes are a variety of slime that spawns in the Forest biome during the Night. It will not spawn while it is Raining. Just like most other slimes, the Night Slime will turn passive while the Royal Gel accessory is equipped. The Night Slime will sometimes carry special drops, which will be dropped upon the slimes death. On expert mode, the Night Slime can sometimes inflict the Darkness debuff. The Night Slime is immune to Confusion and Poisoned.


Normal mode:

  • 35 Heart
  • 12 Damage
  • 4 Defense
  • 0% Knockback Resist

Expert mode:

  • 60 Heart
  • 20 Damage
  • 8 Defense
  • 19% Knockback Resist


  • 4-6 gel (100%)
  • 10 - 30  Copper Coin (100%)
  • Night Slime Banner (On the 50th death)


  • The Night Slime will turn passive when the Royal Gel accessory is equipped.
  • Night Slimes will spawn in slime rain when its night time. They can become a serious if not dealt with.


  • 1.3.3 - Introduced to the game.
  • 1.3.4 - Now inflicts the Darkness debuff in expert mode.