The Metalworker is an NPC that will move into a vacant house once the player has obtained a full set of either Iron or Lead Armor. There is also another condition for him to be able to move into a vacant house; the house will have to contain a furnace and an anvil in it. He introduces a new game mechanic, "Armor Upgrades".


  • 250 Heart
  • 40 Defense

Armor Upgrades

The Armor Upgrades is a new feature that the Metalworker introduces. It allows player to upgrade their Pre-Hard Mode armor to a much more powerful version. The armor he is able to upgrade is all the basic armors that fall between Copper and Platinum. In order to upgrade a set of Armor, the player must have the full suit of the said armor. Of course, it will cost money.

Armor to upgrade Price Result
Copper Armor 30 Silver Coin Copper Armor (Upgraded)
Tin Armor 32 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin Tin Armor (Upgraded)
Iron Armor Gold Coin 20 Silver Coin Iron Armor (Upgraded)
Lead Armor Gold Coin 80 Silver Coin Lead Armor (Upgraded)
Silver Armor Gold Coin Silver Armor (Upgraded)
Tungsten Armor Gold Coin 60 Silver Coin Tungsten Armor (Upgraded)
Gold Armor Gold Coin Gold Armor (Upgraded)
Platinum Armor Gold Coin 20 Silver Coin Platinum Armor (Upgraded)


  • Bjorn
  • Thorvald
  • Flói
  • Darblifind
  • Furgilsnev
  • Borin
  • Óin
  • Thyksnev


  • "Ancient Durin's Armor? Oh, my father taught me how to forge that one, it's quite a masterpiece!"
  • "I've been working metal all my life! You could say that I'm experieced."
  • "Even though I have a Dwarfish name, I'm actually not! I was raised by Dwarves."
  • "Want armor? By damn you will have it, then!"
  • "That damn Merchant with all his cheap wares. Purchase items from me if you want good quality merchandising!" (Only if the Merchant is present)
  • "High quality armor will get you farther than the Wizard's pathetic magic tricks!"(Only if Wizard is present)
  • "Why is everything red and why are all the females angry?" (Only if Blood Moon is present)
  • "Where's the damn sun!?" (If Solar Eclipse is present)


  • The names "Flói," "Óin," and "Darblifind" may be a reference to the popular Lord of the Rings series.
  • The Metalworker appears to dislike the Merchant and appears to be suspicious of the Wizard.
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