"You hear loud quaking from deep underground..."

The Mecha Biome is an Extreme Mode biome created when the Wall of Steel MK-II is defeated.


Iron Slime (My Version)

Mad Zombie Scientist

Guardian Prime (Mini-Boss)

At Night:

Computer Eye


Mechanical Slime King

Skeletron Prime MK-II

The Mechanical Omnipresence

The Destroyer of Worlds

The Core of Mechanisms

BeeHiveKeeper H.O.N.E.Y.

The Titanium Killer


(Enraged) Ocram


-The "CoreTera" is a portmanteau of "Core" and "Plantera".

-Ocram in reverse is "Marco", which is a reference to the developer who made Ocram.

-Guardian Prime cannot be found after beating Skeletron Prime MK-II, since the boss protects the Mech Dungeon.

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