The Desert Dragon, Enagis is a War Mode Post-Earth Lord boss. It is summoned in the Desert by using  

Desert Dragon, Enagis updated

Sandy Spike. Enagis is presumably powerful, even in Expert Mode. The player should make an arena that is safe and flat before taking her on. Most of her attacks deal very high damage. When summoned, the screen will turn into a dark orange fog and the dragon will appear. Enagis has multiple attacks against the player. Enagis will summon sandnadoes that deal 440 / 680 damage. She also breathes fire on the player, dealing 478 / 690 damage. She also teleports to the player and deal 334 / 568 contact damage. When Enagis falls down to 25% health, She also makes clones of herself. When defeated, the message at the bottom-left corner of the screen will say "The sands slowly turn to ash."  


  • 4470000 Heart / 6920000 Heart in Expert Mode
  • 250 defense / 400 in Expert Mode
  • 334 damage / 568 in Expert Mode (contact)
  • 415 damage / 630 in Expert Mode (tail slap)
  • 478 damage / 690 in Expert Mode (fiery breath)
  • 268 damage / 424 in Expert Mode (lavaball)
  • 440 damage / 680 in Expert Mode (sandnado)
  • 234 damage / 468 in Expert Mode (clone)
  • 1000 damage (chomp)
  • 100% knockback (KB) resistance
  • Immune to all debuffs
  • Immune to lava



  • The sprite's design is orange, red, yellow, and looks like Betsy.
  • Desert Dragon, Enagis acts similarly like Duke Fishron.
  • The sprite looks angered because of her teeth, and her eyebrows pointing down.