The Crystal of the Earth is a War Mode Post-Earth Lord Expert Mode-exclusive legendary magic weapon

that acts like the Last Prism. It fires several beams that converge into one as it charges, dealing gargantuan damage. It is a rare item found in Treasure Bag (Earth Lord) at a 0.01% (1/100) chance. Crystal of the Earth cannot deal any knockback. It deals a whopping 6000 damage. When fired, The Crystal of the Earth grants +20 defense, +111% life regeneration, +222% mana regeneration, +10% damage, +25% critical strike chance, and 50% mana.

Its best modifier is Demonic for output damage, or Mystic for mana conservation.


  • 2500 magic damage
  • 100% critical strike chance
  • No knockback
  • 35 mana consumption
  • Use Time: 20 (Insanely Fast)
  • Tooltip: "Fires a beam of earthen protection"
  • Rarity: Rainbow
  • Sell: 33 Platinum Coin


  • It is capable of consuming mana extremely quickly, even with any armour, mana reducing accessories and/or modifiers that reduce mana usage.
  • With the Earthenite Armor equipped whilst having all of the equipped accessories reforged to Menacing along with the Crystal of the Earth reforged to Godly increases the weapon's damage to over 6900.
  • Having the Earthenite Armor and all the accessories reforged to Lucky whilst equipped makes the critical strike go over 45000!
  • This weapon is a good alternative against Post-Earth Lord buffed Paladins, because they have 50000000 Heart.
  • With Earthenite Armor, an Enemy Statue farm (provides buffs), magic-boosting accessories, have consumed a Death Potion, and a proper arena, it is possible to reach over 10000000+ points in the Pumpkin Moon event.
  • Unlike the Last Prism, The Crystal of the Earth will not die out after run for over 1 minute and is used infinitely.


Terra Blaster

Achievement Terra Blaster

Obtain the Crystal of the Earth, the weapon that blasts the terrain


  • The Crystal of the Earth is a reference to the Yharim's Crystal from Calamity Mod.
  • This item is one of the most powerful magic weapons in Terraria, with the base damage of 6000.


  • Credit for the article and sprite goes to DiagnosticLord.