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The Crossbow Amateur Armour is a pre-Hardmode armour set which gives a total of 16 defence.

Crossbow Amateur's Mask:

Defence: 5

Perks: Increases Movement speed by 3%. Increase Crossbow damage by 2%.

Crafting (At Loom):

Silk x15

Crossbow Amateur's Cloak and Robe:

Defence: 6

Perks: Increase firing rate of Crossbows by 2%. Increase Crossbow damage by 1%

Crafting (At Loom):

Silk x25

Crossbow Amateur's Trousers:

Defense: 4

Perks: Increase Crossbow knockback by 2%. Increase Crossbow damage by 2%

Crafting (At Loom):

Silk x20

Overall Stats

  1. Defence: 16
  2. Increase Knockback of Crossbows by 2%
  3. Increase damage of Crossbows by 5%
  4. Increase Firing rate of Crossbows by 2%
  5. Increase Movement Speed by 3%

Set Bonus:

+10% chance not to consume arrows with crossbows.

Overall materials needed

60 Silk (At Loom)

Each piece is used in:

Crossbow Veteran Armour


The Cloak on the back does not affect player width.

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