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Not to be confused with the Corruption Mimic miniboss currently in the game.

The Corruption Mimic is a late hardmode miniboss that is summoned by unlocking its corresponding Locked Chest in the Hellish Dungeon with a Soul Key.


  • HP: 100,000
  • Defense: 80
  • Damage:
    • Melee: 200
    • Vile Vomit: 300
    • Cursed Flame: 150 (Inflicts the "Cursed Flames" Debuff)


To summon this enemy, the player must first craft a Soul Key, then enter the Hellish Dungeon. Once in the Hellish Dungeon, the player must then find the corresponding Locked Chest and use the Soul Key to open it. Once the player has done so, the Locked Chest will become a mimic, and the fight will begin.


Despite being a miniboss, this enemy does not have multiple "stages," but does behave in a different manner than that of a typical mimic in addition to having more attacks. The mimic will attempt to ram the player in an attempt to deal melee damage in addition to puking Vile Vomit on the player. The mimic also has the ability to spit cursed flames balls.



  • This enemy is immune to knockback.
  • This enemy is only obtainable in a Corruption world. If the world has the Crimson, then the corresponding Corruption Locked Chest will not generate.