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This page is meant to add a vague storyline to Terraria, both vanilla and fan. Feel free to add your own ideas, and have fun writing your own lore for your own bosses and events! There is also Boss & Event Progression, for your convenience.


Vanilla Boss Lore

King Slime

Ah, slimes. The most looked down and inferior kind of life on Terraria. Most slimes usually stay small, only devouring small critters such as bunnies and birds.

One day, though, a most peculiar slime rose out from the ground. This slime was exceptionally big, being 10 times larger than its minuscule family. As some may know, when slimes are born, they get an unstoppable, 24-hour desire to eat as much as it can swallow. As baby slimes are smaller than its parents when it is born, this usually stops it from eating its guardians.

This gigantic slime, though, began eating everything in its way, and soon the local population of slimes was almost totally eradicated. The remaining slimes ran away and hid in different biomes, changing their color to camoflauge themselves in the terrain to hide from the gargantuan slime. Bigger things have to eat more, so the 24-hour hunger turned into a 48-hour hunger, and that turned into a 72-hour hunger, and so on.

A king around the corner was scared that the beast would threaten his kingdom, so he sent his most trusted and skilled ninja to catch the slime. They had a long battle, for the slime knew how to split into two, and had an understanding of teleportation, from all the slimes it devoured. The small minds of the slimes it had slain came to piece together, giving it a rather large brain. Finally, the slime triumphed. But, the slime had never eaten humans before, and the slime found it rather hard to digest, so it eventually decided to just keep it in its body, as a trophy.

The process of how King Slime came to be was dubbed the Exponential Slime Phenomenon by scientists and biologists alike.

Eye of Cthulhu

Once, the Dark Lord Moon Lord had ruled the entire world, overseeing everything that happened. One day, a rebellion broke out that was consisted of almost all demon eyes. The reason is still being disputed by historians. The Moon Lord popped out one of its True Eyes, and sent it to intimidate the rebellion. The Eye, though, wasn't used to the life force of the earth, and it mutated the Eye, making it just a gigantic Demon Eye. The Eye was also not invincible anymore. It forgot what it was here for, and befriended the Demon Eyes instead. Over time, it became guardian of the night monsters, and attempted to stop anything or anyone that was too strong for its own good, for although the Eye of Chuthulu never went back to its master, it always would remain loyal to him.

Eater of Worlds

Worms, mostly harmless. There are some larger ones, capable of harming you. But what if a worm got corrupted? Summoned when three of its prized relics are smashed or attracted with rotting meat, the Eater of Worlds got its name from all the adventurers slain by it, from so many worlds. Legend says that if the monster is slain, a rift in time and space may occur...

Brain of Cthulhu

Tales have been spun of the world of blood that was the Crimson. Indeed, such a taint on the world did exist, but on the other side of the continent that all the known creatures of Terraria lived on. But our world is known to not have only one of these corruptions, but two. This lesser crimson was not always deep red and horrifying, though, unlike its larger and more terrifying counterpart, and was home to many creatures just like the ones in the Purity.

However, this lesser area was home to a terror much more sinister than anything that could have come from the greater infestation - the Brain of Cthulhu. Before we must talk about the Brain, though, we must discuss their creators - the Cthulhu-people.

These people were said to be formed from pieces of the Brain of Cthulhu that had been blasted around the continent during the aftermath of the battle with the Spirit of Night. One such piece had fragmented into one large heart fragment that was buried deep underground, and several other lesser ones that landed in the caves leading down to the larger piece. But some others landed on the surface and shaped slowly into people, thus forming the village of Cthulhu.

These Cthulhu-people, though, only stayed alive because of their connection to the other pieces of the brain that had landed in the caves near their village. No-one dared to go in the caves, for who knew what lay inside, and no-one was daring enough to go see. The pieces in the caves, in fact, had shaped around the main core piece and formed into hearts, pumping the blood of the core to and from the surroundings, corrupting the rocks and twisting the landscape.

Tales of the Cthulhu-people reached all four corners of the land, catching the attention of a horde of raiders that massacred everybody that was in their way or they deemed impure, making the people a gigantic target for the raiders. And it was at this point, when one daring young man and his best friend finally ventured into the deep dark caves on the edge of town, ready to prove the folk legends and superstitions wrong. What he really spotted inside was terrifying. Blood vessels weaving in and out of the rocks. Hearts suspended in mid-air, pumping blood around the cavern. And in the center, what seemed to be a chunk of a brain, if the person which it belonged to stood higher than the clouds. Black ooze leaked out from the folds it. Being a mage apprentice, he found something in the cavern he had not seen anywhere else. Exiting out of the cave, he brought a sample to his mentor.

It was a rock named Crimtane, only found in the fabled corruption of the Crimson many leagues away. If the rock was there, it only meant one thing - the Crimson had arrived near their home. Indeed, the very same Cthulhu whose blood created the greater Crimson had spread the corruption halfway across the continent.

The young man continued to return to the cavern, casting protective spells until the Crimson's spread ground to a halt. This effort greatly weakened him, though, rendering his right arm useless for anything. The man, now the leader of the village, continued to return with his best friend.

Until one day, an abomination formed from the black ooze and murdered his friend. After that day, he swore that he would never enter the cavern or use any magic, with staff or not, ever again.

And by then, the raider horde began attacking the town.

Their leader always was able to repair the walls and houses, and they would be as good as new.... until one day. Their leader woke up in the morning after a particularly horrible raid to repair some shacks on the fringes of town, unsuspecting of the horror that would await him. When he strode out the door, though, what was outside shocked him to his core. There were mutilated and bloody corpses strewn everywhere, in beds, on the ground, even one on the roof. The raiders had attacked again during the night, slipping around the meager defenses that the remaining villagers had put up just the day before's afternoon. Now, everyone except him was dead.

Breaking the vow he had so fiercely sworn that fateful day his friend had died, he used his dark magic to assemble the body parts of their slain to create this... monster.... It was going to be used to protect their village, but when he was nearly through, the raiders attacked again, swarming over the village in a wave of black armor and shining steel weapons. When the dust settled once again, there was not a single soul in the village.

However, the raiders neglected to dispose of the amalgamation created by the leader, dismissing it as not much more than evidence of the "savages" that had lived in the village. This mistake would eventually lead to the formation of the second Crimson.

The newly formed Brain of Cthulhu flew into a rage, destroying all the raiders and the settlements in the region. It splattered their blood and guts across the land, creating the Crimson, and reanimated the dead bodies of the raiders into lesser amalgamates, including some that serve as both guards and power beacons, that still serve the Brain to this day.

The Brain's rage intensified, and the balance of power in the pure world reeled. The earth itself twisted and turned, stuck full of the needles pinned into the world by the pure unholiness of the Brain. Soon after the Brain had finished its massacre, it slid into the caverns of the Crimson that had been so twisted and warped by the writhing of the earth.

It stored the raiders' weapons in red hearts deep in the caves of the Crimson. If one was to assemble a spine made from the once-raiders' bone pieces, the Brain would enrage and rush into battle, sensing a raider once again. Now, the Brain is mindlessly dwelling in the Crimson, waiting for another raider to come to awaken it from its slumber. For even if the Brain may have been the reanimated brain of one of the greatest gods of all time, it only used its intelligence for one goal, one that it had been seared into its mind that fateful day the raiders had returned -

Kill Them All.

Dungeon Guardian

When Skeletron had cursed the elderly man, it had stationed the man at the dungeon in an attempt to keep people from entering it. Despite its best efforts people still ventured in, until a mysterious woman who would later come to be known as The Necra came and made a deal with Skeletron: Lend her a bit of its power or keep failing to keep people from entering. The deal was taken and The Necra then had a bit of the dungeon guardian's power. Using some of her power she made several ridiculously powerful beings resembling that of Skeletron's head, and she sent them off to defend the dungeon. But when Skeletron is defeated, these guardians will flee back to their creator, and protect her until one of the lords are defeated, when they will simply disappear to who knows where.


The dungeon's official guardian, this monster has cursed an elderly man to become a vessel for its dying spirit, attempting to lengthen it's 1,000 year lifespan. The skeleton inside may be evil in some perspective, but just like the EoC, it is just trying to stop anyone that is getting too much power. If its vessel is destroyed, it will reach out and attempt to find another one...

Queen Bee

One familiar thing always goes with another, such as Peanut Butter & Jelly. Beehives are no exception. Where there is a beehive, there are bees. Just stay away from the larvae and you'll be fine. However, a hive is nothing without it's queen. If the Queen dies, so does her colony. Thus, to keep the ever-growing colony of bees alive, certain bee larvae are fed Royal Jelly that allows them to mature much more differently than their sisters: notably in size. These larvae only come into action once the ruling Queen dies, but that does not mean that they are not treasured well by their colony. If the current monarch happens to find that you've killed the maturing Queen, she will go on a frenzy in an attempt to vanquish you from her hive.

Wall of Flesh

Centuries after the disastrous Corruption had spread on Terraria, the underworld had been intruded by many outsiders, such as the spread of the jungle, the Corruption, Crimson and Hallow, the demons decided to take action to protect their scorching habitat. Volunteers would go invisible (because they are spirits) and transform into ghosts, wandering to the surface and terrorizing the world above, known as Wraiths. These wraiths would look for a suitable, fleshed being with a strong spirit. And after the demons, with their magical power, they almost stopped the spread of the Corruption and Crimson, and used it for their own. Then they completely eradicated the Hallow, and then they had an arsenal of light, and darkness. When the wraiths found a suitable host, who had great lengths of faith to find a champion to destroy the “impending doom”, he was taken to the pits of hell. There his soul was bound to a voodoo doll, as well as the powers of the light and darkness they had gathered from the forces of the surface. The world shook, and with that powerful earthquake, the doll was tossed into the infernal lava. The human who was bound to the doll immediately acquired quite severe burns which caused great pain, and a screech was heard in the distance. They witnessed a great wall with horrifying features, eyes, mouths, teeth and tentacles, it was heading straight for them, devouring every lifeform except for the demons and other creatures of the underworld, soon, the Corruption, Crimson, and the Jungle were no longer able to spread to the Underworld after seeing the horrifying wall. They all sense it’s presence, but when this flesh abnormality is slain, all the powers stored within it will race out and restore everything that had been taken by the demons. This will invariably make the lords notice you, will you continue?

Hardmode Vanilla Boss Lore

Queen Slime

Every King needs a Queen.

The Queen Slime is a prime example of how environment can change a creature drastically. Born as a purple slime in the wake of the King Slime's bloodbath, it also happened to show the Exceptional Slime Phenomena. Devouring its parents and then its entire tribe, it set off in a search for the King Slime to challenge it for its crown. It followed the destruction left by the King, only to find the King dead, its crown missing, and fresh footprints heading away from it. It hopped away in disappointment, but never did forget the scent of the footprints.

Then, everything changed with the defeat of the Wall of Flesh. The new enemies were too agile or strong for the slime to handle, forcing it to pick on smaller creatures that did nothing to quell the beast's unfathomable hunger. It seemed that it would starve within weeks.

Until it stumbled upon the Hallow.

The Hallow, one of the primordial forces released from the Wall of Flesh, had taken root in the surface. Although the surface hallow was as hostile as any other biome, its deep curving caves were full of creatures ready for the picking. Although the elementals that populated the caverns were very tricky to catch, its crystals fed the beast and grew it tenfold. Eventually, it fashioned a crown out of the stone lining the caves, and embedded it with the most shiny of crystals, becoming the Queen Slime.

However, the Queen did leave one crystal. One infused with power - a fragment of the very same crystal that had belonged to the Spirit of Light so many eons ago. She covered it in her own slime and filled in the hollows of the crystal with gelatin, always keeping it near her. Although the Queen is far less aggressive than the King Slime, owing to the abundance of food, those very same crystals that placate her make the Queen a formidable foe, empowering her with wings and summoning powers. If anything - or anyone - dares touch her precious crystal, she will emerge from the caves in a fury to take down the supposed thief.

Mechanical Bosses

As the player has beaten more and more entities, it was impossible to ignore. Moon Lord, noticing that you, someone who once attempted to usurp him has grown more powerful, he has released multiple failed inventions at you, to attempt to make sure you fail once more...

The Destroyer

The Destroyer is a failed robot based off the design of the Eater Of Worlds, which was made to mine for resources in the ground which may have aided the Moon Lord in spreading his beliefs. However, the AI went rouge, forcing cultists to lock up The Destroyer. However, now the Moon Lord has released it in an attempt to send you into the abyss of death...

The Twins

After the Eye of Cthulhu mutated, Moon Lord requested a replacement to be invented. As such, the all-seeing Twins were built, with a laser module and a flamethrower module. The Twins started off with great success, but then, their AI went rouge. After the near-destruction of multiple lunar-based cities, the Twins were locked up. However, now they roam the skies of Terraria, seeking a worthy opponent.

Skeletron Prime

As the Moon Lord seeked to expand his influence, he wanted to create a machine of pure brawn. As such, he based it off the demon of the underworld that possesses the elderly. However, while it was only 85% complete, the soul of skeletron reached out to it, trying to find a new body after it was broken from the old clothier. Skeletron broke free, and killed many cultists before being sealed. However, now it seeks to destroy whatever it finds on Terraria.


Soon after the defeat of the Wall of Flesh, when the spirits of light and darkness had been freed from their bloody and hungry prison. They rushed around Terraria, and they created upgrades of previous entities. The jungle too, the plants were mutated with the spirits, and this mutation caused chaos around Terraria. When the mechanical bosses that were sent to Terraria were defeated, the mechanical pollution was over. Since the day the three were killed, bits of their souls raced to the jungle, and then bound themselves to the plant in one last chance to defeat the human. New fruit began to grow, and with new food, new prey and predators. And who can forget? Plantera. Plantera was in Terraria before the Wall of Flesh was defeated, before the human arrived. During the time when plants first thrived, before the spirits were trapped inside the Wall of Flesh. It killed adventurers, some who were equipped with modern technology. It is still questioned how these items are still inside Plantera even if she was drained of soul and then resurrected.

Empress of Light

Plantera isn't just a sealholder that seals Golem's temple from being opened. The dryads have known something since the hallow has been not sealed by the wall of flesh...

Empress of Light was once a normal queen, ruling the Hallow to spread and get more peace. But once, she found the Hallowed Crystal. The Hallowed Crystal was already a powerful thing, having immense power. If somebody was to absorb it, it would gain that power and use it for good... Or the Moon Lord thought so.

Once the Empress obtained the crystal, she asked the scientists to break it and give the power to her. Once the power was given to the queen, she immediately absorbed it and became mad with power. She annihilated the kingdom and destroyed the scientists.

She created some Prismatic Lacewings so she could spread the chaos.

Once one of them is destroyed, she teleports to the killer and annihilates it with such known "bullet hell".

Her everlasting rainbows can destroy an entire asteroid, and if she gains enough power... Terraria might be destroyed. She can be destroyed with a Last Prism, or with a broken wooden hammer. It matters not. However, what the Empress of the Hallow didn't expect was a growing god-slayer intentionally triggering her teleportation in order to slay her before going on to slay the Moon Lord, and she also didn't expect that god-slayer to wield a blade made of Terraria's essence...


Many moons ago, when the Lihzahrds built their evacuation center when the corruption spread. (The time before the human and the Wall of Flesh) The stone walls protected them from the outside disease, and as well as the strange creatures that were mutated in the Corruption and Hallow. There were carnivorous plants, armored animals and predators, but good for them, the shelter was more than enough to keep them out. Plantera, discovering the Temple’s key that was dropped by a wandering Lihzahrd who was trying to find the Temple after being seperated from the group. The Lihzahrds, of course, were an intelligent species, but couldn’t withstand the conditions outside their structure, so they were stuck there for those centuries to come. With no god to worship, and missing the presence of their past god, the Sun, they built a recreational figure, representing an idol and protector. The Golem was built out of their finest bricks for outside protection, and made the interior metallic for wiring and circuitry, allowing it to process threats, recognize surroundings, and use a wide array of attacks. But ever since it was built, these extra-weapons degraded and became useless, so they were simply stored inside the Golem, and many past technologies it was equipped of severely degraded, it could no longer hover, it could no longer recognize it’s surroundings, it could no longer completely secure the Lihzahrds anymore, but it could still be used for worship and little protection. It could also not operate without a power source, but since these batteries drained and were too little, the Golem would be summoned only by these power cells at an altar that was also built for worship. Only until the human would break in the Temple, he would seek the valuable power cells to summon the stone beast and kill him. This would alert a few elite cultists within the Moon Lord's empire, including one who is a lunatic, as the lunatic has a lot of history with the Lihzahrds. Now that the Golem is dead, those elite cultists head to the Dungeon, to begin their final session of worship and ritual.

(Vanilla) Ocram

The powerful creatures has been released since the giant wall of human flesh has been defeated. But... what is this abomination? Actually, Ocram has been cursed for a really long time, before the wall of flesh even existed. One day, Cthulhu went straight out to the lands of terraria and met 100 dryads. The dryads ripped off his brain, 3 eyes and a part of his skeleton. Then, the dryads cursed cthulhu by making the most impossible combination: combining the spirits of light and dark into one. Then, they cursed Cthulhu with the spirit and he became the Ocram. But one day later, Ocram also created his most powerful creation: The Wall of Flesh. He activated it, and every single spirit of light and dark got sucked in.

Duke Fishron

The monster of the depths comes out of the water to drag fishermen to the bottom. It was created, when a lab accident mixed the DNA of a shark, pterodactyl and a boar, creating a hybrid. The hybrid was exposed to radiation when it escaped. The scientists tried tracking it, but failed. Multiple people have seen i's offspring, but nobody knows how it happened.

Lunatic Cultist

The cult of the Dungeon spent many of it's days enforcing the rule of the Moon Lord and worshipping them. Whenever a threat to the Moon Lord would arise, the Lunar Cult would step in to stop it. However, nothing is known about the leader, other than he is the oldest of the cult. This leader is the Lunatic Cultist. If anyone intervened for any reason in the affairs of the Moon Lord, and their affairs, the Lunatic Cultist would seek blood. But his past was far more heroic and more good than what his future had in plan. The lunatic was once a high ranked Lihzahrd, but since the Corruption made way and forced the rest of their species to evacuate in the temple - the lihzarhd then sought a cure to fight the corruption and it’s inhabitants, with the mask of a witch doctor. Accidentally, he stumbled upon the Moon Lord. He gathered others to visit him, and his desire of curing the corruption changed into seeking power. He began worshipping the Moon Lord, and in return the Moon Lord granted him his wishes, extreme power and knowledge over sorcery and other forms of black magic. He then formed the lunar cult to serve the Moon Lord, and would rise to defend their master from harm.

Celestial Events

Killing the Cult would enrage the Great One. He would send 5 pillars of immense powers with their own enemies to stop the humans, those pillars being the Solar Pillar, Cosmic Pillar, Stardust Pillar, Vortex Pillar, and the Nebula Pillar. You see, the Great One was never attached to the Cult. He just wanted to use them as a seal to stop the human from discovering the Celestial Pillars, and to bolster his own influence and power without directly appearing to the world. Should the Human destroy the Pillars, the Great One would have no choice but to face the Human himself...

Moon Lord

The Moon Lord, the great old one. Cthulhu's "brother". Nobody knew what he was, until a group of cultists found the beast. The beast of titanic proportions, the tyrant of a beast. Soon cultists started worshipping him, and were promised a fraction of his might and power. A few have seen the cult, but what is odd is that they say that there's a cultist with a bird mask, the leader. Nothing else is known of the beast.

Vanilla Pre-Hardmode Event Lore

The Goblin Army

No matter what your aims are, resources are going to be needed to fulfill those plans. Without resources, you cannot do anything.

Such was the situation of the Goblins. An obscure race living on a island thousands of miles across the sea, isolated from the outside world, they had been draining their little island of K'Thanth's resources for hundreds of years, and the constant wars in between the dozens of rivaling clans on the island only doubled their worries. The agricultural fields that had breathed life into the island for so long became parched and cracked. The mines that had trickled gems and ores into the island for thousands of years dried up. Crops shriveled. Water evaporated. Fish washed up on the beaches dead.

Desperate to find anything to fuel their goals of total domination, one clan sent an expedition across the great ocean to search for anything. Days passed. Then weeks. By the time the expedition arrives back, the island was plunged into total chaos. The expedition gazed in shock from the floors of their little junk ships as raging flames stretched high into the air, licking the gloomy black clouds in the sky. Dark clouds accumulated around the island. As the expedition drew near, they spotted their capital burning and choked with black smoke.

Docking at the half-ruined harbor, they announced their discoveries to the few thousand left in the smoldering ruins of the city. Ralling an army of a few hundred, they crammed their fighting force of archers, sorcerers, and common street thieves into their small fleet of junk ships. As the sails filled up with wind, the goblins turned their heads away from the ruins of their once-glorious city out towards the ocean, another continent chock-full of resources, and the destiny of the goblin race.

Vanilla Hardmode Event Lore

Pirate Invasion

As the Champion grew in power, he also grew in wealth. Wealth has a natural risk to it, however. People may want to take your wealth. Of course, a group of pirates who had gone without work for years on end would see stealing wealth directly would be the best option to keep themselves alive. Therefore, as the Champion roamed Terraria, news of their victories and wealth traveled far and wide, even to a band of pirates. As such, now the pirates are attacking the Champion's base, in hopes of getting enough money to keep themselves alive and to afford luxuries.

Martian Invasion

There is another planet with life on it in the solar system Terraria is in. That planet is known as Mars. Mars used to be a utopian society, with water easy to access. But then, the atmosphere began disappearing and the water began disappearing as well. But, the Martians refused to give up and kept themselves and a few other species alive. In this time of crisis, they turned to religion and the Moon Lord. Eventually, the Moon Lord answered, and gave a deal. Technology and water for loyalty and worship. The Martians agreed. Now, in the present day, the Champion grows stronger, and the Moon Lord asks the Martians to scan the surface. And they find water. Then, they find the Champion, and attack in response to the Moon Lord's requests and the massive amount of water present.

Pre-Hardmode Fan Boss Lore

Consumer of Planetary Bodies.

The Consumer was a unknown section of the Eater of Worlds that split off in unknown circumstances. It adapted to the Purity's environment and acted as a protector of the biome. However, when a certain Terrarian began resettling its lands, the Consumer would find a new threat to face.

The Murk

The Murk is a recent example of the Exponential Slime Phenomena, the greatest example being King Slime. However, this slime was born in The Swamp , so it instead of just absorbing slimes, it absorbed mud, trees, and other forms of life. If you were to step into The Swamp, it may detect you as prey...


An unknown person who really liked robots one day ran into an abandoned small tank, joyfully, he brought what was left of it back to his workshop to install an AI for it, and after a few weeks he had finally installed a rudimentary steampunk like AI into it, however it look took a few minutes for that AI to go rogue, now this light tank drives all around Terraria, terrorizing small villages, but when The Champion arrived and started to slay thousands of fiends, MT-35 had a new threat to face.

The Desert Terror

The Desert Terror was once just an average Dune Splicer, however when a massive drought turned the harsh desert into a nearly-alive wasteland, this average Dune Splicer was forced to increase in size, and when the rain finally returned to the desert, the Desert Terror burst out of the ground, at a massive size. It begun devouring it's fellow Dune Splicer soon afterwards. If you were to step into the Desert, it may detect you as prey...

Turkor, The Corrupted

Once upon a time, Turkor was your average air-borne turkey. Then, Turkor began to grow larger than your average turkey. Turkor established himself as leader of the turkeys. However, then Turkor found the Corruption and Crimson, and they did their work on Turkor, making him begin to decay physically and mentally. If the feather of one of it's corrupt brethren was found to of been pulled off of one, Turkor may attack...


One day, Golem, the oblivion ruler, wanted to create a awesome creature so why not make a questionable thing so it mixed these 7 ingredients, Farts, Amalgamate sauce, gel, Rotten Chunks, Vertebrae, A ugly eye and one last thing... a piece of wind. Of course, it failed and started making messes so golem destroyed it and then travellers found horrifying remains of the Amalgamate golem had made, people tried to assault when it tried to befriend it but it's random looks scared them, even a gorgon would be scared of it. It then made a friend who betrayed it so, it decimated it. It used the remains of that thing to make layers of armour. Moon lord after hearing about this told golem to find this and after Vixusiaaxazartyyui heard of this it roamed random areas and that is how, you can find it randomly.


(Note: This is the history of the species) (Great, now my sister played Dragon City for so long I have to rewrite it!) Long long ago, back at the universe’s creation, the Phantom created the staruids to create the stars across the universe, some of the stars formed solar systems and made planets, time skip to the Dryad’s rule, the staruids wanted to make a island to show their true potential, however, this made another new species witch worshipped the staruids as if their gods, this angered the dryads, whom threatened the two species that they will make them extinct, this enraged the starians, causing a war between the two species, both the Staruids and the Lihzahrds tried to stop it, after a long war, a kingdom invades to war, telling that they should live peacefully, the sides didn’t listen and continued the war, said kingdom started threating them that if they don’t stop, they will extinct both species, including the Staruids (described as “floating squids”) and Lihzahrds, this time, they listened this time and lived peacefully, until the destruction that is Moon Lord’s.


Cows, Cows, cows. Nobody should ever think they have a ruler, but still, they do. Cowthulhu is known as a legendary cow leader. His story began when he was born. He appeared to be a little larger than normal size. When he grew up, due to his size, he felt that he was the leader, and then he went on a rampage, freeing cows from farms. However all this destruction changed his mindset and he began to destroy everything but cows. His eyes turned a crimson red colour from the blood he had shed. He had found many cows who wanted to fight for him, and he trained their abilities, some grew more Hp, some grew wings. He now used this army to continue his destruction. Now you have defeated Skeletron, and he will stop at nothing to destroy you.

Ultra-Powered Soldier

Among the Events of The Forgotten Lands, she is one of the 10 human survivors! A star had landed far from her house which set the joint cities in fire, this even spread to wildlife, she ran out into the forest and was scared, she saw a shield like creature come out of the star, kill all of her family as a child which made her very sad, mad and mostly scared, she lived in the forest until she became a teenager, she then tried to move back, she saw her homeland obliterated, beasts wondering around, she stayed as she felt attached to it.

At her teen years, she built and crafted stuff from what she could, she built a prototype creature and met 2 other survivors, they appeared ill so she gave them the best kind of antidote, it was diluted with chemicals to make them stronger as she wished them good luck. She later got infected but managed to survive, she began on a prototype for her armour and the infection spread onto it, little did she know, her armour would take a life of it's own. When she was an adult she had the Polishing Skills and used it on her armour, she then wore it and felt safe to patrol, killing monsters, she tried to retun home but slowly her amour took control of her and used her as a mind slave, she lost consciousness and her armour reigned supreme...

Real Monster and Sound Breaker

These 2 were one of the last survivors of the events of The Forgotten Lands... A star fell directly at Cryo (Real Monster)'s house, Of Course, Cryo fell extremely ill, his city got annihilated by flames and infections, the government collapsed and everything he had was lost, he ran in sadness as his house was gone, he met Elra (Sound Breaker), she had been infected and was the only one alive in their area, they set a camp for survivors and others came, 5 others came while 3 others did not, they then lived in a cave and got to know each other, they had each other's backs and set traps all over the cave, even reaching deep layers and eventually came out after they became teenagers, they had suddenly felt ill, their hands developed bubose-like tumors, they felt less conscious, they met The Polisher in their adventure but retruned to their cave shortly after, they fell extremely ill and became random colours, Zeltra was purple and Cronus was Orange. They went by new names as they felt they had lost their Identity, Zeltra and Cronus, they dwelled in that cave for who know how long...

Hardmode Fan Boss Lore

The Ancient Frost Spirit

The Ancient Frost Spirit was a normal wisp from the dungeon, trapped in a bottle. Until one day, a hero freed all of the wisps into the air. Little did the hero know, one of the wisps they freed was vengeful to destroy all human life, as the humans are the ones that trapped it in its bottle long ago. Those humans turned into the skeletons you know find in the dungeon. The vengeful wisp wandered into the Snow biome, where it froze in a block of ice and slowly became one with the biome. Until eventually, it felt the presence of a strong human, it's captor perhaps? There was only one way to find out, so the wisp broke free in it's new form, the Ancient Frost Spirit. It had gained the powers of the ice elementals and used these powers against the human. However, it was eventually defeated and brought back to it's original form to be locked in the dungeon once again. It waits to the day that the dungeon is once again opened and it can be freed once more.

The Mastermind

The Mastermind is the son of the Brain of Cthulhu, until one day, a strange human-penguin army started attacking it. The Mastermind escaped, but... where? It quickly used the trick skeletron teached him and fell deep, deep underground, into the Mecha Biome. There, the scientists noticed the hurt brain and started modifying it. The Brain became stronger, and started to roam around Terraria, seeking for that human-penguin races. But yet, when it found the race, they screamed "PEDGUIN ARMY, ATTACC!". But the Mastermind did not give up. It started using it's real power, when all Crimtane Probes were destroyed. It started tackling the army, creating new crimson probes, cloning itself and even shooting with a hacking device! And yet, nobody has defeated the Mastermind... Until one night, a great Terrarian has reached this point. The Mastermind used his older attacks, but he lost. The Terrarian had a strange, glowing sword, a green yoyo, a strange space dolphin, a glowing wyvern, a portal and a strange prism. Nobody has saw the Terrarian after the battle...

Icicole, the Messenger of the Ice King

Before humans had trodden on Terraria, spirits and animals roamed the land. A prime example are the ice spirits, who could control the cold environment around them with their frost magic. Eventually, a talented young spirit used a glacier of ice to mold ice statues that the spirits so badly wanted to enter and experience mortal life with. When the spirits entered the ice bodies, though, most of them lost their spiritual knowledge and became savage beasts. A select few, though, had their advanced consciousness with them and thus started a kindgom of spirits. The young sculptor who had created the ice bodies also was one of the smart lucky few, and became their king, and his also lucky younger brother, his messenger. They say that anyone who becomes too powerful will be sensed by the messenger and will try to defend his king from the potential danger. No one has reached this benchmark so far, though.... yet....


Have you ever just saw one of those land goldfish, Bio was one of them, but got a even stranger mutation that somehow didn't kill it, gave it abilities to manipulate biomes and now assassinates anyone who dares harm a goldfish, it can also be known as the avenger.


A worshipper of the Moon Lord desired great power. He was even more powerhungry than his lord. The cultist felt enslaved by him, and one day he left the cult. He was on the official most wanted list of the Moon Cult. After leaving, the cultist created his own cult - the Cult of the Death. He called himself the Death Lord, although technically he was still a mortal. He forced peasants from towns to join his league even. Once he had his cult assembled, he needed something to rival the Moon Lord. The Moon Lord had remade mechanical versions of almost all of the previous monsters the Champion had been defeating, but he forgot one - the Consumer of Planetary Bodies. Almost instantly the work on this new machine began, and a couple decades passed and it was done. But, the Moon Lord could finish things much faster than the Death Cult, and had already recruited an army. The Death Lord had built himself a small "temple" as he called it near the Underworld. Lunar cultists raided the temple and all of the Death Cultists were defeated, except the leader. The Death Lord took on a new name and stayed in his "temple" for the rest of his life. The Consumstroyer however, roamed free on the surface. Eventually, the Champion made a voodoo doll resembling him, which resulted in the return of the Consumstroyer and death of the Death Lord.

Demented Neptune

The Mermaid and Mermen had a royal family, the king was quite a curious merman who'd explore many things, one day a dark elemental approached him and asked him a riddle and when he failed his riddle however, he was corrupted by a dark spell and was fused with the elemental and mermen still to this day wait for him to be purified.

Terror Dragon

Ah yes, The strongest Sentinel of Wall of Steel. it has been Confirmed as the Strongest Predator of the Evil Biomes. Until the light and Dark have came to wage war. He is from the Future.

Wall of Anger

Since the moon lord was close to death, he put his emotions into a container and he placed a curse on it and so if anyone destroyed it faced a nasty scourge who would first horrify the opponents and then slay them as they are stunned.

Crystaline Vindicator

It was just a normal crystal from the Hallow Underground but the Crystal suddenly had a magentic feeling that pulled other crystals and hardmode ores, Later. it grew so powerful that it was allowed to cross undergrounds of other biomes. No underground creature could react other than being blown up by crystalized hardmode ores and its aura burst, Though it becomes angered if a crystalized hardmode ore is shattered.

Zeltra and Cronus

These 2 were one of the last survivors of the events of The Forgotten Lands... A star fell directly at Cryo (Cronus)'s house, Of Course, Cryo fell extremely ill, his city got annihilated by flames and infections, the government collapsed and everything he had was lost, he ran in sadness as his house was gone, he met Elra (Zeltra), she had been infected and was the only one alive in their area, they set a camp for survivors and others came, 5 others came while 3 others did not, they then lived in a cave and got to know each other, they had each other's backs and set traps all over the cave, even reaching deep layers and eventually came out after they became teenagers, they had suddenly felt ill, their hands developed bubose-like tumors, they felt less conscious, they met The Polisher in their adventure but retruned to their cave shortly after, they fell extremely ill and became random colours, Zeltra was purple and Cronus was Orange. They went by new names as they felt they had lost their Identity, Zeltra and Cronus, they dwelled in that cave for who know how long...

Once they were defeated, they slowly rotted and became grey, some parts of their body stayed as their previous colours. They rebuilt a house exclusively to themselves. They fled and waited, got stronger and waited for revenge. As they were defeated again, they accepted defeat and accepted rematches. Zeltra and Cronus Trained to eventually kill the player but gave up on it at war mode, they had a child but needed to protect him, this left them busy, killing monsters and taking care of them was hell, now you might have a way to spend your time.

The Necra 

The Necra is a human, who can possess the energies of both the Corruption and the Crimson. But she wasn't always this way. She was once just a normal human, living with her parents and twin brother in a small village. One day, a mysterious force came and destroyed the village. The young girl was killed. But a few weeks later, the Corruption and Crimson took over the remains of the village. When it spread under her body, the two forces took it over and revived her, turning her into a being of great power. Nowadays, she attacks any human who summons her with a thirst for more power. Perhaps you are a worthy opponent.

The Motherboard

As more knowledge and more efficient creations were required by the Moon Lord, he figured out that a supercomputer would do the trick. And after it became based off the Brain of Cthulhu due to cultists reporting seeing it, the Motherboard was born. However, it quickly turned rogue, and went on a rampage before a group of cultists sealed it away. However, now, it seeks to destroy the only things that pose a risk to it's continued existence. And you qualify.

The Peacekeeper

When push came to shove, the Moon Lord needed something to end scuffles. As such, he ordered an aerial weapon to be built to "keep peace". As such, based off what some cultists have seen in the Jungle, a mechanical queen of the bees was made, to create peace by destroying everything targeted. However, a few years into it's service, it thought a lunar city was a targeted city, so it completely destroyed the city. However, that led a group of cultists to seal it. However, now it roams the skies of Terraria, with you as it's target...

The Destroyer's Guardian

As the Destroyer was being built, a contingency plan of releasable probes was created in the event something put it into critical condition. However, Moon Lord and his director of the project (who may be known by the Champion by another title...) knew just easily destroyable probes wouldn't be effective in catching any visual or doing any damage. So, a Guardian was built as a sort of superior probe. It went haywire alongside the machine it serves, but if the Destroyer was released and destroyed, the Guardian may intrevene...

Ocram, Lord of the Failed Machines

Moon Lord knew that no unit would work without a leader, so while the Twins, the Motherboard, the Destroyer, the Peacekeeper, and Skeletron Prime were in production, he ordered the lead of the project to build a leader unit. When it came out, it was an arthropodic creature that falsely looked organic. Moon Lord approved. However, rather quickly, alongside it's comrades, it turned rouge, and was forced to be sealed by a group of Cultists, however now that it's comrades are dead by your hand, it is forced to attack you. If it were to fall, other beings would surely notice, possibly even those in the Jungle...

The Septuplets

The Moon Lord loved eyes. He had eyes on his hands, way too many on his head, and an entire legion of floating eyes. But his thirst for eyes could not be quenched. He commanded Ocram to create him the largest selection of eyes the world had ever seen. Everything, from gel found in the woods, and the remains of the Dungeon's guardian's arm was used to build the selection. The Eyes were brought to the Moon Lord. He was not impressed. He wanted eight eyes, not seven. The Septuplets were left to go wild, and destroyed thousands of other worlds with their overwhelming power. The Eyes had the most powerful souls of all of the Mechanical Bosses, and was the keeper of a powerful metal ingot. The Player would eventually challenge the Septuplets before venturing to the Wall of Steel.


The Praetorian is the last and most dangerous surviving remnant of an extraterrestrial intrusion, a Hive that spread fast through the Hives. It was a long forgotten war, it was removed from the history and reduced to ashes. In the battle, what used to be divided, humans, dryads, even goblins rose up and fought to fight. In that moment, they combined their strengths and overpowered the Hive, bringing it to an inferno, nothing survived. That is so. After the flames died out, the Hive was nothing more than a smoking land of desolation. Nature then decided to grow on the remains, and life began to thrive there once again. But, surviving the fires of the terrarians, it went into hiding, and remained as so for the rest of history. But, after a mysterious 'call of the Hive', it would venture and find the source of the sound that was familiar to something it knew as home. It would only be a sound made by the Champion after obtaining an ancient Horn, and the elite extraterrestrial would battle the Champion, only for the champion to slay.

Wall Of Steel

When the cultists found out about a dangerous group of spirits, they came up with a way to reduce their powers. These cultists had all seen the Wall of Flesh, and then it hit them. They started building a machine based on the Wall of Flesh which would drive them all to insanity, and would stop the on-going war everywhere on Terraria. It worked. However, if one being was to grow powerful enough, the Wall of Steel would detect them as a spirit and attack them. If that happened, the war over Terraria would begin once more, and the Spirits could once again plot to become free once more...

The high heat hunter

The high heat hunter was originally a normal lihzard, before it found a eternal flame, it decided to start using the eternal flames for purposes of setting prey on fire, as the closer the flame got to the heart, the more predatory the hunter became, until it became fully hostile.

War Mode Fan Boss Lore

The Balls of Flesh

The Twins may have gone rouge, but Moon Lord had known what to do. He valued their skills as a useful spying tool, so he, after hearing about the success of the Wall of Steel, created a new version of the Twins, which would go on to be called the Balls of Flesh. They never went rouge, however, while the Player was fighting and had defeated the Moon Lord, the Balls of Flesh were on a mission far from Terraria. However, now, they have found out and are after the Player as revenge...

The Eater of Suns

When a war consumed Terraria after the fall of the Wall of Steel, the Corruption went into chaos, triggering a grand change in the Corruption, turning it into what could be called "The Necro". And just like the Eater of Worlds, a worm was transformed by this new version of the Corruption into a mass-devouring organism, only it grew even larger and became much more twisted. This has brought the Champion to have to counter the newly twisted Corruption and to defeat The Eater of Suns. It's said that if this new beast died, something bright may carve itself a new home in the caverns of Terraria...

The Forgotten Beast

A universe cannot handle extreme amounts of power for long....

The fabric of space-time itself began to tear at the seams as the Earth and Moon Lord began testing out their powers amongst a new universe. This caused rifts to open up in the universe. When the lords realized, it was too late to stop the rifts from forming, so, in a last-ditch effort to preserve the universe for themselves, one of them created a dragon capable of going through the rifts, and capable of closing them off.

However, what the lords thought was a great success was slowly warping this tool into a corrupt and fearsome beast. The lords quickly noticed, and were able to create a planet to imprison the beast, so that it could never harm the universe again. That prison world is now called Terraria.

Billions of years passed, and nobody knew of the beast until an outcast of a group of wizards who was outcasted by the lords by being forced to lose his magical powers and having half of his flesh burnt off found it in the caverns. Sensing the great power and distress within the beast, he pledged to save himself and the beast from the hell of a universe they had gotten themselves into...

Sansai, Former Rune Wizard

The person who became a friend of the Forgotten Beast has a story of his own.

He used to be a normal human being, until one day his parents were killed, organized by the Moon Lord. However, Sansai only knew one thing. His parents were dead. Soon afterwards, he had to leave his hometown, and he began wandering Terraria. He went through the cold of the Snow Biome, the harshness of both the Corruption and Crimson biomes, and more. Until, one day, he fell into the Underground Desert and collapsed from exhaustion. Then, they found him. The Rune Wizards. They found the boy, close to death, and took him to their secret desert hideout, which is now just a simple pyramid. They cared for the boy, and when he woke up, he was taught the art of wizardry. He became a master Rune Wizard. But it was not meant to last...

Sansai' trauma and hate from his childhood twisted him into a dark magician, capable of burning flesh off people and more, who eventually was noticed by the Moon Lord. And Moon Lord wanted him to suffer for the fact that he had escaped him.

You see, Sansai' parents were active against the Moon Lord, and the Moon Lord wanted to set an example. He intended to have Sansai and his family killed back then, but Sansai managed to escape without even knowing. Now that Moon Lord noticed Sansai still lived, Moon Lord would punish him.

That's when Sansai lost half of his flesh and all of his magic powers. As a result, when Sansai came to the surface, people saw him as a monster and they proceeded to throw him into the caverns. He roamed the caverns without being able to fight. Then, he found a cavern house. Within its chest, Sansai expected to find more useless tools. Then, Sansai found a new type of weapon...


Sansai also found a book on engineering. That's when Sansai became a gunslinger. And soon afterwards, Sansai found The Forgotten Beast.

Dark Skeletron

After Skeletron Prime was destroyed, the spirit of Skeletron searched long and hard for a new vessel but couldn't find one. Because of this, Skeletron was forced to live as just a spirit. Over time, he adapted to it and became used to life as a spirit. One night though, his spirit was fused with the night and he became Dark Skeletron. However, he might become angred if someone finds his old skull, now covered in darkness.


Great minds think alike...

Some scouts of the Earth Lord watched the Champion as they fought Plantera. After seeing the fight, they reported back to the Earth Lord. Earth Lord had decided, in the situation that both he and the Moon Lord had gotten themselves into, he would also build a mechanical monster, this time based off Plantera.

This time, nothing went wrong, and now that the Champion draws near slaying the Earth Lord, Mechantera has been sent out into battle as an last resort.

Peasant Slime

The Peasant Slime was nothing but a servant of the almighty King Slime. The King could kill the peasant at any time if he wanted to, but he made the fatal mistake of keeping it alive. As a peasant, it was starving. It ate the smaller subjects of the King. As it grew,it became as big as its master. Luckily for the Peasant Slime, the Champion threatened its master and destroyed it. After that, it kept on eating, for years, for decades, not expecting anything. But eventually, the champion stopped its rampage.

The Sharpener

Immortality can be a blessing and a curse...

As the Earth Lord began to build his empire on Terraria, much like the Moon Lord also was doing, he decided he needed a servant. So, tapping into his power, he chose a random human and made him immortal, the only catch being he had to serve the Earth Lord. As of now, it would take killing the Sharpener to force the Earth Lord to battle anyone.

Earth Lord

After the grand split of The Phantom, the Earth Lord was the counterpart to the Moon Lord. It quickly grew attached to Terraria and other celestial bodies. As such, when the Moon Lord created his cult, the Earth Lord created the Cult of the Sun. As the Moon Lord grew more powerful, so did the Earth Lord. However, now that the Moon Lord is dead, there is now an imbalance. And since you once rebelled against all cultists, Earth Lord is now coming for you...

Growl and Groan (Mini-Bosses)

When the cultists sealed the Spirits with the Wall of Steel, they knew that there should be a back-up seal in case a being destroyed the Wall of Steel. As such, a tablet was created to seal the power of the Spirits instantly if the Wall of Steel was destroyed. However, just the tablet being there was obviously a great risk, so two of the strongest cultists agreed to guard the tablet if anything wished to destroy it. As such, they will fight anything that tries to destroy the tablet, even if their intentions are good.


The universe is a violent place, at the same time it’s also peaceful. There’s a reason why death is a thing, to limit the lives of normal beings and keep the universe in balance. Only the gods are the ones who can defy death, or so you think. In the darkness of space, in a seemingly empty and seamless void there are worlds that have been wiped of life. One being, in the form of a dragon that comes to a planet, and kills, everything, and then moves on. Mors was once a benevolent creature, and showered blessings on the worlds it visited, and was depicted a holy spirit. However, on it’s course to Terraria it was corrupted and manipulated by the Spirit of Night, who had planned this. It then raged war on every living thing, after a rift of space time was opened, a portal, leading to another section of the universe where it killed trillions, trillions of lifeforms, massacring the universal population. Some heroes stood to stop it, but they failed, miserably. Now it seeks to destroy Terraria, a place it can never go to however, unless an ancient artifact that can reopen the portal that connects both realms is activated, the thirst for death of this monster will never be quenched, as it always has been.

Spirit of Flight

The Spirit of Flight used to be a normal creature, roaming the mountain peaks. However, it yearned for more space. Then, it discovered a thing, a concept, that it could use for it's own will, that would help it escape the cramped mess of a world it lived on and go into the expanse of outer space. It began tinkering with it, the first attempts ended in injuries, then it started managing to stay in the air for a period of time. It soon began gliding the skies. But it wanted to go further. Then, one day, it managed to begin going upwards in the air. It had been the first one to discover flight. It could now control great amounts of air as well. In the event it was prevented from entering space, it would create hurricanes. However, this pure creature was soon twisted by the Spirit of Night and became vicious enough to be sealed away by Lunar Cultists. Now, it is still corrupted, and would attack anyone else it sees flying...

Spirit of Sight

The Spirit of Sight was once your average Demon Eye, roaming the night skies. Then, it discovered a great source of power. The Spirit of Night had discovered this Demon Eye, and noticed a odd trait about it. It wanted more to do with life then to just float around in the night sky. So, the Spirit of Night granted it power beyond it could even of wished for. It could see everything. It's gaze could now kill the moon. It could lead the Demon Eyes. However, it was quickly sealed away by Lunar Cultists, and the Eye of Cthulhu took it's place. Now that it's free, it seeks revenge on the world that exiled it to a prison...

Spirit of Might

The Spirit of Might is a fiery serpent from the deepest parts of Terraria, which is massive compared to any other serpents on Terraria.

It used to be your average Serpent, but then it gained an unstoppable hunger. It then began its feast on the underworld.

The underworld was burnt to ash in one night, all the Serpents were burnt to the bone, and the underworld was plunged into chaos.

It kept its consuming up until one day, it was detected by Lunar Cultists, and sealed by a Wall of Steel. However, now that everything holding it has been destroyed, it seeks a worthy meal, and you are that worthy meal.

Spirit of Fright

The Spirit of Fright is a embodiment of death itself. It was born in the Dungeon from the bones and souls of all those who died within it, and kills those whose time is up. However, it soon conspired with the Spirit of Night to expand it's range of influence so that it could seek revenge. However, it was sealed away too by Lunar Cultists. Now that 3 of it's fellow spirits are down, it has determined your time is up.

Spirit of Light

Having been granted by power by his sister, the Spirit of Light quickly went into a power craze. He created his own kingdom, which was immune to the Corruption his sister had created. He started turning fairytale creatures into real beings. He had created the first parts of the Hallow. His kingdom grew, as the Hallow also did. He also created a land of sweets as a food source for his brethren. That went on to become known as the Confection. However, as the lords came down to Terraria to take control, and as the Spirits fell to the lunar cult, the Spirit of Light's kingdom was destroyed and he was sealed. However, his lands of "paradise" persist. Now that all of the Spirits are free, it is the last boundary between the human and the Spirit of Night.

Spirit of Night

The Spirit of Night used to be a Lihzahrd, who just wanted to improve the lives of others, so they took up a career in the sciences. They worked day and night, building machines, and creating contraptions which would allow Lihzahrds to use the Sun as a source of power and energy. She became known as the savior of Lihzahrd society. Then, she discovered the diseases of Terraria and wished to help end all suffering. This would be the worst decision she had ever made...

She had no luck in curing the diseases she wished to cure, so she resorted to genetic alteration. Slowly, she actually began to make progress. However, one day, she flew too close to the sun. One of the altered viruses had begun to evolve rapidly. The Petri disk took on a purple color. Then, it escaped. It leaped onto her, and then she began to realize something. She was gaining power beyond what she would of ever thinking of. She had become a god, and she had just created the Corruption.

Quickly, the rest of Lihzahrd society noticed. They agreed upon creating an evacuation chamber in the Jungle, and the Dryads agreed. The Corruption began spreading, becoming an embodiment of the night.

Anyone would have noticed this, but the Moon Lord and Earth Lord also noticed, after seeing a massive drop in the number of followers they had. They, and Moon Lord's closest thing to a friend, Cthluthu, descended to Terraria. The Spirit of Night began to build up an army in the meantime, and she decided to call all of them Spirits of different aspects of Terraria. She became the Spirit of Night. In the battles that followed, the lords wound up sealing away all the Spirits, but the Spirit of Night had killed Cthulthu, and his remains became the Crimson. The Moon Lord decided to take matters into his own hands regarding Terraria, the Earth Lord allied with the Moon Lord, and Moon Lord became even more vicious...

Now, in the modern day, the Spirit of Night is all that remains of her comrades. If you kill her, you may be able to cure the Guide, or so you think...

The Phantom

The universe was once a clean slate. Then, suddenly, one thing appeared. That thing was the Phantom. It was the first being in a blank and unchanging universe. The Phantom quickly grew lonely, so it went on a search for someone, something to be friends with. Then, it figured out there was nothing. So, tapping into it's immense power, there was light, and expansion. However, what the Phantom had just done put a toll onto it's body, and it split into two. The lord of space, the Moon Lord, who quickly found a brother in Cthulhu, and the lord of all bound to a spherical body, the Earth Lord. Both would wind up doing things to the universe in their own right. However, if someone wound up killing both of the lords and releasing the Spirits into the wild, the Phantom may find a way to come back again to a world which now opposes it's very presence...


A faction known simply as the Oceanic, worshipped the species of Sharks. Their troops carried shark-based guns (minishark) and found one shark so outstanding it became the cult leader. Mages within the Oceanic created enchanted guns that would fly around the leader to protect it, and other sharks were cursed with being servants to the Sharkruptor to life. Eventually the Oceanic were consumed by the Corruption and the Crimson, and the Sharkruptor went rogue. However, a single copy of the Oceanic's famous weapon remains somewhere in the world...

True Peasant Slime

The Peasant Slime was just the beginning. The Sharkruptor had a huge appetite for slimy things, and the Oceanic delivered. Pink and orange were the shark god's favourite. When the Peasant Slime was conquered by the champion, the Oceanic delivered the remains of the slime to the shark god. The sharkruptor did not like the taste of the peasant slime for some reason, and spewed it out everywhere. The orange ish look of the slime was changed into -- you know, shark spew. The blob was left at the bottom of the ocean to rot, until the Sharkruptor was also destroyed by the Champion, which somehow caused the blob to slowly make its way up to the surface and compete with the champion.

The Tredectuplets

The Septuplets, a group of 7 eyes were destroyed by the champion. The Moon Lord, after finding out they went rogue, went insane even though he hated the eyes. He demanded another set - this time 15 eyes. But of course, the mechanics gave him 13 eyes. Moon Lord killed all the mechanics and the eyes went free. They were just normal eyes, no projectiles, no fancy machinery, until they found the remains of the septuplets and aggressively ate it with their bloody mouths. The essence of the bars changed the group of eyes forever, and eventually they would seek havoc on Terraria.


Some of the Moon Cultists were fascinated with the idea of exploring the seas below, and thus pooled together their resources to make the greatest submarine of Terraria inspired from sharks and other underwater life, able to hover in the air, fire missiles of unparalleled might, the former cultists soon broke off from their mother cult and now wander the mighty seas as rogues, waiting for someone to activate radio signal 666 and be the next victim of this submarine. . .

The Dictator

A small village was caught up in the great chaos of this world, and was ravaged by war, famine, and strife, it is from this that the mayor of this place decided that the best defense is a good offense, he proclaimed himself the Dictator of the New Empire, and tore through the lands, unifying people under his banner. His might and ego would only increase when he discovered the leftovers of an ancient advanced civilization, and crafted a huge war helicopter out of the tech, and now, you, The Champion, are in the way of his glorious conquest of all Terraria. . .


Ah Yes, The King Of Destruction. The God Of Doom. Bringer Of, Well, Death. He Is The Epitomy Of Evil, But How Could Someone So Strong Be Trapped In Limbo?

Back Before Cthulhu's Blood Stained The World, Before The Spirits Were Sealed Away, There Was A War Between The Armies Of The Old Hero And Death. The War Was Seemingly At A Standstill, Neither Army Advanced At All. One Day, With The Help Of Other Armies, Death's Troops Were Defeated And The Old Hero Trapped Death In Limbo, Forever.

A Long Time After This, Death Had Enough. He Wanted The Thrill Of Battle At Least One More Time. He Called His Strongest Servant Still In Terraria. He Said That If Any Human Did As Much As Walk Near Him, He'd Summon His Greatest Creation Into The World, Destroying It And Bringing The Human Into Limbo, So He Could Fight Someone...

One. Last. Time.

The Banished One

Back, way back before the time of Cthulhu, a poor man was desperate for money. A scary, yet mostly dormant threat had been terrorizing the Terraria world for quite a while - king slime. So he packed his bags and set out to destroy it once and for all, with good pay. He wielded the sword that his grandfather had given him - what would be one of the broken hero blades much later. He found King Slime in his kingdom, and hit it over and over until it appeared to go away. Triumphant, he arrived back at the village and told everybody of the news. Because he couldn't prove it, nobody believed him. As time passed, he became angrier and angrier to the point that he became insane. He broke the sword he used, and let out his anger on the town. But his insanity and ruthlessness had done something to him, and he grew so powerful that he was able to manipulate energy and dark matter itself. His rampage was ended, however, by a mysterious mage called the Golden Mage, who cast him away into another realm, but didn't kill him. Rumor says that there is a strange device somewhere that can actually access that realm today...

The lord of the living dead

The phantom had to figure out a way to make evil stay forever, but he found no way. He spoke to the lunatic cultist, and the lunatic cultist that he has to put his soul in The lord of the living dead. That is so, every time you beat the lord of the living dead, evil comes back.

Shadow Mode Fan Boss Lore

Shadow Gigapede

The Shadow Gigapede was known as the lord of the shadows, and the shadow of the Vlitch Gigapede. The Shadow Gigapede was made when the Shadows’ Spirits was made and used. It was made by Shadowflame Balls entering an odd rock. The Shadowflame Balls were made when a machine exploded due to it’s max capacity. A few of them were stored away by Goblin Summoners and Casters. The odd rock, the Carved Rock, was made when an unknown person chiseled a hexagonal rock that was chiseled by a friend of his. The Shadows’ Spirits soon broke and shadows were unleashed upon the world. Some were compressed and put into a remote. It wasn’t easily discovered, so it basically became an antique. When used, it would open a portal to the Realm of the Shadows, where the legendary gigapede was formed from the remaining parts of the Vlitch Gigapede when it was destroyed. It now sleeps in the Shadow Base, waiting for a challenger.

The Fallen God

The Shadow Gigapede’s first successful project was a Fallen Orb. One day, the project was lost. Nobody knew, but it shed into an odd egg. When it hatched, it made an odd and young god. The god took over a random, but highly supplied planet. It would soon become his own base. In the past, the god was young, so the shadows never did anything about it yet. Until the god became old and powerful. He was now corrupting planets almost as fast as the speed of light. Most notable planet that was corrupted is Etheria. The shadows were worried and striked back, defeating the fallen...temporarily. The fallen then went insane. They took an entire third of the realm after one earth day. They only had one fortieth of the realm at the start of that particular day, and they were nearly unstoppable. They also made a king and queen in the process. Now they are waiting for a powerful victim to have a good fight. They would especially fight the ones who are shadows.

Elysium Fan Boss Lore


Elysius had always had a fascination for the great jungle flowers, the alpha species of the underground jungle. While certainly strong enough to defeat one himself, he knew it would benefit him little capturing an individual. However, using previous experiences with the great flower, he devised a plan. Sending Kragon out to locate a dormant bulb, outfitted with a nano-parasitic machine designed to be implanted onto the dormant flower. It would leech of the infant, sending back information to be processed by S.C.A.R. This device, which would later be referred to as a "Parascyte", still continues to feed back information to Elysius' Lab, that would be, until it's host were to, I don't know, died?


Alyssika grew up in a small isolated community close to the dungeon, and as such, unlike many people, was unnerved by the sight of the place that once held so much death and haunting. Growing up, she learned of the town's protection under Skeletron, and how that every 3 years, they would sacrifice one of their one to please the demon and in turn, it would grant them a fragment of his demonic strength. However, when the Cultist and his followers made the dungeon his own, they laid waste to the town, killing Alyssika's family and everything she knew. Despite having survived, she was a hollow, empty shell of herself, devoid of any meaning. However, when the scientist Elysius had stumbled upon the ruins of her town, seeking knowledge from Skeletron and the town that it once protected, all he discovered was a lonely, starving girl sitting amongst the charred ruins. Pitying her, in an act of kindness never seen before in the power-hungry scientist, he offered her a deal: He would provide her shelter, and in turn, she would serve him as his assistant in his quest for absolute knowledge. Accepting the proposal, she oversaw many of Elysius' brutal experimentation and tests, and in turn became one of the deadliest weapons in Elysius' hunger for knowledge, and one of few he truly had respect for.

Nightmare Mode Fan Boss Lore

Phantasmal Pheeder

Brain of Nightmares



Eternal Shadow



Terrapocalypse Boss Lore

The Crimrupt

"Oh....God..Someone....Please....Help me..." A warrior named Henry Clade weakly called out. No one could hear him. He was doomed. Doomed to become a monster........

His memory is gone. His morals. His humanity, wiped away by the two evil forces competing over his body. The changes were excruciatingly painful. He was stuck there for days. Weeks. Almost two months before he was released. He was no longer Henry Clade. He was now a monster. And that monster was hungry. An unsuspecting squirrel was unfortunate enough to end up by the hungry abomination that Clade is now.

He immediately began eating it. For Clade, it was very....refreshing. He was no longer in pain when he was eating it. He ate every bit of flesh, every bit of bone, and even every bit of fur.

But he needed more.....

He pulled out his Light's Bane and Blood Butcherer, and was on the hunt for any organisms untouched by the Corruption, Crimson, or even Hallow.

The Crimrupt is on the hunt. Best hope that you won't be his next meal.


A deadly mechanical beast with the capability of leveling entire biomes. Before the fall of its nation, it was just a machine made for war. It didn't have to feel, it didn't have to think, it just had to fight, kill, and win. But when everyone was wiped out, leaving the ruined city to rot underground, leaving it and the other war machines to rust into nothing, it did think, it did feel. It felt alone. the first true emotion it felt was immeasurable grief for its people. Now, it has a new cause, a new objective, that it will carry out until it rusts away into nothing.

Protect what's left...

The Fallen Army

Their nation, their people, gone. Not even corpses remain of them. The war machines left behind in the tomb that was once an underground city. The machines mourned for their fellow soldiers. The humans weren't their masters......They were their brothers.

For months, the city was quiet. Just a broken, crumbling, grieving tomb.

Until they have had enough.

They knew there were creatures outside the city that could threaten them. When the Wall of Flesh was destroyed, they then became aware of the outside threats. When the Eye of the Ultralord was dead, they knew that the corruption of both the forces of light and darkness could result in their destruction, they decided enough was enough. They won't go down without a fight. They mobilized one last time. The infantry robots that fought alongside their human companions donned the uniforms of the human soldiers, in honor of them. Wearing their armor, their gas masks, even using their weapons.

If they're going down, they won't go down without a fight.

Terrapture Boss Lore

Yion (Dancer one)

Yion was a crimson and corruption breeded devil who manipulated special abilities but swore never to use them so she disguised herself as a dancer and people had made her famous but one day, she was flooded by people asking for dancing competitions so she quit dancing but people still tried so she created a barrier to block people but the aura some people can give knock it off. People who have tried to enter did not appear again, will you.

Marthoon's Version

Marthoon Pre-Hardmode Bosses

Marthoon Hardmode Bosses

Extreme Mode Bosses

Wall of Steel MK-II

Once, the Steampunkers had been having troubles with the spirits and the cultists, so they saw the sucess of The Wall of Steel. They decided to make their own version, that bound down the Sanity of the Spirits. They accidentally ended up storing The Spirit of The Light's Sanity In The WoF. So when you kill the Wall of Flesh, it became insane, and created The Hallow. The Steampunkers also made a Mecha Biome, but they thought it had gone to far, and was a danger to society. So they sealed that in the wall as well.

Hallowed Knight and Bogatur Master

The nicest of the ore seal-holders are both of them: The Hallowed Knight and the Bogatur Master, even though they are literally the same person. The Hallowed Knight always has his sword on his back, even though literally nobody actually attacks him. He protects what's so left from the Hallownite Ore, but what did it start with? The Hallowed Knight was a spirit of light that had a Hallownite Armour set. He also had a Hallownite Sword as well. But when a curse made all spirits go out of control, he absorbed the power of Hallow, and became... this.

He really wants to fight you, however, he might become the same pacifist after you defeat him.


The rudest of the ore seal-holders: Cryo. He shoots frozen diamonds everywhere like it's snowballs (Even though they are literally frozen nukes), even though he actually knows that they are so dangerous, it can kill a mountain of cows, sheep, people, rabbits and all like that. He protects what's so left from the Cryonite Ore. What did this start with? Cryo was a spirit of fright that always wanted to get freeze superpowers. Well, why did he say that in public while a shooting star was passing by? He went in a taiga sooner that night, but then a curse made all spirits go out of control. He absorbed the power of the Taiga and became Çrÿœ.

He is really hard to defeat, but can you free his soul from the curse?

Phoenix (Coming soon)

Mecha-Slime 9000

Once, King Slime was your average Giant Slime that had a Ninja in it as a trophy. But one day, it's jumping was interrupted by The Champion of Terraria. The Unknown knew that the former King would want revenge, so he took it's last thing left. It's Brain. He put it in a tank for a moment. Then he grabbed a much of slimes, fusing them together. He put the blob inside a suit of Mechanical Armor. After that, he put the brain it. The Brain realized that The Unknown had brought it back to life. It was Greatful, so it enforced his rule on Terraria, for the while it lasted. Now it jumps across Terraria, Remembering what pain you inflicting on it....

The Mechanical Omnipresence

After the Trashing of the Twins, The Moon Lord threw them in a containment, as they were of no use to him. The Unknown knew of The Moon Lord's original plan. He took the eyes and gave him a brother. He gave them Power beyond any of their beliefs. He kept their original dents though, so they could remember what the Champion did to them, The Twins were Ecstatic! They not only had a new brother, but were so much more powerful! Of course, they called themselves. "The Triplets." However they were dubbed. "The Mechanical Omnipresence." By their Master. They now fly Terraria, preparing to Deliver The Pure Wrath of Sight....

The Core of Mechanisms

Every Constantly powered Machine needs a Battery. When The Steampunkers were working on The Mecha biome, They took the Corpse of the Mastermind and used it's remains to power the Biome. Then The Unknown found this massive battery. He intended to use it for himself, as Elder Gods do with All things. So he upgraded it, but left the damage inflicted on it. So he used it for his own purposes. It now floats about, hunting for anything that may step foot in its domain....

The Mechanical Might

Ah yes, The Destroyer. An Extremely Simple Worm. All it ever did, and was made for, was to kill the champion. It was often seen as the Most pathetic of the Mechanical Trio. The Weakest, and Most Useless. Prime's face sent fear into Millions, The Twins were effective scouts. The Destroyer? Occasionally could kill some civilians. However, as with all things, The Unknown saw Potential. So he ripped The Destroyer's body into three Segments, and repaired each segment, allowing it to live up to it's fellow allies. It now digs through the earth of Terraria, hunting for its next meal....

Skeletron Prime MK-III

Skeletron. The Infamous Dungeon Guardian. He had a few prototype mechanical versions. After the First One was an Extreme Success, or to a Decent amount, anyway, The Moon Lord made a design for a Second One, a MK-II, if you will. Named Skeletron Mech. A Cultist then Explained that The Spirit of Skeletron was the Reason Prime went rouge, so he scrapped the idea entirely. However The Unknown was smart, so he took the design of Mech and upgraded it into a v3.0. He then approached the Spirit. He offered it the Body and a new dungeon, In Exchange for servitude. The Spirit quickly accepted, and entered the body. It now stalks the forests, attempting to do its Master's bidding....

Opposite Slimes

You know the slime god? Those slimes that appeared if you had a calamity once in your life. The Opposite Slimes are almost the same, except they fight with each other... The Negative Shadowling and the Positive Blueling. They fight to be the best slime ever, but if a target of them disappears...

They might change their target for a minute.

BeeHiveKeeper H.O.N.E.Y.

When Push came to Shove, The Peacekeeper was made. Of course, like all Mechanical Bosses, it went rouge. The Peacekeeper was then destroyed by The Champion. Now, Similarly with The Unknown, Push came to Shove. So he needed someone to keep peace. He took the remains of the Peacekeeper, and rather than having a targeting system, it had a defensive one. So he built it a hive, and set it to guarding said hive. It's Targeting is a bit off, but if someone steps foot in an area considered it's hive... well, they're as good as dead.

Duke Roboron Prime

The Duke of the Ocean, The Peak evolution of The Pigrons. Duke Fishron. Of course, The Champion set to destroying this abomination, and succeeded. The Unknown found it's remains, and brought it back from death. He gave it armor plating, increasing it's power tremendously. The Unknown still thought it to Pathetic to bring into combat. So he simply tossed it back into the ocean, to be forgotten by society. Of course, If someone was to fish with some metal and his favorite snack...

Vengeance Solarius

Solarius. Remember that sun guy from the sunny dungeon? Well, he has cursed a young cyborg near the mechanical overheat dungeon. Yes, you can relax, you may think. But no, Solarius is actually an intense guy that almost is impossible to beat if you enrage him.



Ah yes, Plantera. The Dryad's Curse upon the jungle, forbidding Cthulhu or any Elderitch Horror from ever entering. Except, The Champion Slayed it. The Unknown saw a Prototype for it, Known as Mechantera. It was scrapped partway through the project, however. He set to perfecting it. So he did, and CoreTera was made. Another Guardian to The Secrets that The Mecha Biome held. CoreTera now searches The Mecha Biome Undergrounds, Searching for any trespassers...

The Titanium Killer

The Idol of the Lizhards, Golem. He was a powerful robot, to say the least. He wasn't what he had once been. So he was trashed by the Champion to draw out the Lunar Cult. This attempt succeeded, but Golem was forgotten. By everyone except The Unknown. He remembered the power Golem Once held. So, he set to restoring that power. He did. Beyond that, even. It was now a fully capable fighting machine, made of the newest metals, and a new name. Along with a New Objective.

K I L L E V E R Y T H I N G T H A T M O V E S.

Mechanical Lightspreader

The face, that threw billions into fright. The light, that annihilated millions. All of that is Empress of Light's. Empress of Light was a powerful creature, not to say in the least. Even though a Terrarian killed her a blood moon after she started her rampage, stories about her killing people still were going around Terraria. She fled to escape ever since, but the Unknown still knew that something might help her. He made a giant mechanical robot with a small hole for the Soul of the Empress to go in. The Unknown showed the body to the soul, and it immediately flew inside. Now, she uses her new body to annihilate billions and throw trillions in fright. She also holds the seal of the Destroyer of Worlds, and she is sealed as well. To un-seal her, the Terrarian must defeat all the other machines, except for the Destroyer of Worlds.

Who knows, may this be a blessed seal, or a cursed seal. Only if she is defeated, the Terrarian may know.

The Destroyer of Worlds

Meanwhile the Mechanical Might is searching for the next meal, the Destroyer of Worlds is held in it's seal and waiting until he can eat a yet another planet. Unlike the Mechanical Might, this one is a cyborg and not a robot. He also didn't originate from the Unknown, he was eating planets, which means he originated from space, even though he is not a space worm. His powerful mouth can explode anything built manually, and holds a yet another seal... Which is, how he says, blessed. His probes can annihilate 100 humans per a single laser, and... it seems like Unknown was right. The Terrarian has broken a blessed seal. But who cares now, when this monstrosity is trying to destroy anything on the way?

Even though he holds a blessed seal, he must be defeated.

Fire Cultist

The Fire Cultist, his brother was a Lunatic, or so they say. He was always the more brash of The Elemental Cult, Along with the most full of himself. He had originally wanted no interest in the cult, but his brother's dying wish was for that, so he accepted. He plants Seeds of Chaos in The Fires of Hell, along with the spark from Lightning. He was decently intelligent, however not as much as some of his counterparts. He hated The Champion for the slaying of his brother.

He might even kill them.

Earth Cultist

Earth, The Most docile element. Simply Calm. Of course, this was reflected in The Earth Cultist, he was the most calm of the cult. He was a vegetarian, as he believed Animals were Reincarnations of Mother Earth, so he believed eating them was sin. Of course, he was fine when his fellow cultist ate them, but he still disliked it. He planted his seeds of Chaos in the Very Earth itself, spreading Corruption and Hallow. He liked seeing the change. So he aided the spirits by planting more seeds, and helping them learn to spread amongst each other. However, he is still a Cultist.

Who knows what the Power of the Corruption could do to a person.

Quantum Cultist

Quantum, a Very Unknown Element. to say the least. He was often considered one of the Smartest of the Cult, making Blueprints for their weapons and temples. He often didn't talk with the Other Cultists, More Obsessed with his job than anything. He was the most Cultist-Like of the group. He planted his seeds of Chaos In the Stars themselves, corrupting the Creatures of the Air. Of course, he worshipped what he believed to be the God of the Stars. Whenever a Powerful being came from those stars, he believed it a herald, so he worshipped it. Unless it attacked him and his fellow Cultists.

Thousands of Years of this can do things to a person.

Wind Cultist

Wind, The "Reaction" of the Elements, who often only uses pacifism. His reaction is very fast, that he even detected a Pixie in 000000.1 millisecond behind the Elemental Cult while they were trying to get to the lair from a mission. Simply blowing People around wasn't seen as a Powerful feat of course, but the Wind Cultist planted the seeds of chaos by blowing wind under high pressure that can rip out any parts of a human. Not even talking about his powerful tornados. So The Wind Cultist was often seen as the pacifist of the group. When the Cult split apart, and he obtained The Wind Cult, he lacked many members. The North Wind, as it was called. He often liked this, so was often in a good mood.

After the Loss of Half the Former Cult, he might stop his pacifism and destroy the Terrarian.

Electric Cultist

The Elemental Cult didn't stop on just Fire, Earth, Quantum and the Wind. There was something even more dangerous and powerful... Once, a 27-year old young cultist joined the Cult and was dubbed "The Electric Cultist". When he became a bit older, he could finally fly and started planting the chaos seeds across Terraria in form of lightnings. Fire Cultist was his friend, he also just joined the Cult. So when a lightning strikes, the Fire Cultist also plants a seed of chaos on where the lightning stroke.

Who knows, what can his chaos lead to.

The Unknown

Ah yes, The Unknown. What is believed to be the Final Boss. The Final God. An Elder God, with, well an Unknown name. He confused billions, even the Cult of the Truth barely grasps him. He was not always like this, however. Long ago, he had a friend. The name of which was Cthulhu. He often jokingly called him The Moon Lord, as he had a strange obsession with it. Cthulhu was ridiculed for his more Human-like appearance, and The Unknown believed in Judging planets, rather than subjugation. However they remained friends. One day, Cthulhu said he wanted to take over a planet known as Terraria. The Unknown told him the risk of this, and that the planet held powerful beings. However Cthulhu ignored him, and went to do just that. Cthulhu was Mutilated, and banished to the moon. The Unknown kept his composure, believing Cthulhu would return home. However, Cthulhu was Enraged. He himself went to kill these so called "Dryads." But he was stopped. By the Champion of Terraria. They fought, Cthulhu was slain. The Unknown was filled with rage at the planet. The Champion was heralded as a hero for slaying his only friend. The Unknown finally gave up his Pacifism, He judged this planet to be one made up of cruel monsters, so he went himself to obliterate it. He sent everything he had, Mechanical Tanks, Souls of the Planet itself. Yet the Champion prevailed. The Unknown was livid, he couldn't kill this One person. Eventually, he went to Obliterate them himself. Yet, he lost. He lost the One battle that Mattered most to him. Then, he realized. The Champion was to determined to fail. No matter what hindered them, they wanted to come out victorious. No matter what happened. So he fled. He wished to get his friend back, sadly, he likely won't.


Elemental Cult (Buffed)

The Ancient Cultist

Fan Pre-Hardmode Event Lore

Fan Hardmode Event Lore

Fan War Mode Event Lore

The End

This is it. This is what the Champion knew would happen eventually. This was the time of the Spirits and the time of their grandest and greatest powers. Terraria was about to see the worse of its nights, but soon it would see the best of its days. The Champion thought destroying that tablet would have killed the Spirits in one grand swoop. However, they were wrong. The Spirits all escaped into the landscape of Terraria, plotting to cause the death of the Champion and the start of their reign. However, something else seems to have occurred. The Guide seems ill. But this illness will be the worst of nights, as the worst nightmare of all of Terraria and also the only thing that allows everything to exist lays in wait...

Boss & Event Progression


  1. Consumer of Planetary Bodies
  2. The Murk
  3. Slime Rain (Event)
  4. King Slime
  5. The Desert Terror
  6. Eye of Cthulhu
  7. Goblin Army (Event)
  8. MT-35
  9. Eater Of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu
  10. Queen Bee
  11. Turkor, The Corrupted
  12. Skeletron
  13. Staruid
  14. Cowthulhu
  15. Wall Of Flesh


  1. Pirate Invasion (Event)
  2. The Mastermind
  3. Icicole, the Messenger of the Ice King
  4. Bio-me
  5. The Consumstroyer
  6. The Destroyer/The Motherboard
  7. Skeletron Prime
  8. The Destroyer's Guardian
  9. The Twins
  10. The Peacekeeper
  11. Ocram, Lord Of The Failed Machines
  12. Plantera
  13. Demented Neptune
  14. Pumpkin Moon (Event)
  15. Frost Moon (Event)
  16. Demented Neptune
  17. Golem
  18. Martian Invasion (Event)
  19. Duke Fishron
  20. Lunatic Cultist
  21. Celestial Pillars (Event)
  22. Alexander, Greek Tyrant
  23. Moon Lord
  24. Terror Dragon
  25. Wall of Anger
  26. The Necra
  27. The Septuplets
  28. Wall of Steel
  • Note: Terror Dragon, Wall of Anger, The Necra, and The Septuplets can be fought in Any order. since they are Sentinels of the Wall of Steel.

War Mode:

  1. The Fleshballs
  2. The balanced blob
  3. The Eater Of Suns
  4. The Dictator
  5. The Sharpener
  6. The Forgotten Beast (Idea would need to be nerfed.)
  7. Mechantera
  8. U-666
  9. Peasant Slime
  10. Leporidae, Rabbit God
  11. Earth Lord
  12. Growl and Groan (Mini-bosses)

The End (Event):

  1. Spirit of Flight
  2. Spirit of Sight
  3. Spirit of Might
  4. Spirit of Fright
  5. Spirit of Light
  6. Spirit of Night
  7. The Phantom

The Epilogue

  1. The Sharkruptor
  2. True Peasant Slime
  3. The Tredectuplets
  4. Death
  5. The lord of the living dead
  6. The forgotten Stronghold Guardian

Marthoon's version (Progression)


  1. Ice King
  2. Solarius


  1. Mastermind
  2. Sad Stratus
  3. Wall of Steel MK-II

Extreme Mode

  1. Mecha-Slime 9000
  2. Mechapresence
  3. The Mechanical Omnipresence
  4. The Core of Mechanisms
  5. Mechanical Might
  6. Hallowed Knight/Bogatur Master
  7. Skeletron Prime MK-III
  8. Cryo
  9. BeeHiveKeeper H.O.N.E.Y.
  10. CoreTera
  11. Phoenix
  12. The Titanium Killer
  13. Vengeance Solarius
  14. Duke Roboron Prime
  15. Goblin Army [Extreme-Mode] (Event)
  16. Novanian Madness (Event)
  17. Mechanical Lightspreader
  18. (All the mechabosses can be fought in any order (Except Mech-lightspreader, CoreTera and the Titanium Killer)
  19. Opposite Slimes
  20. Destroyer of Worlds

The Finale

1. Fire Cultist

2. Earth Cultist

3. Quantum Cultist

4. Wind Cultist

5. Electric Cultist

6. The Unknown

Elemental Destruction

1. Azathoth (Avatar)

2. Elemental Cult (Buffed)

3. The Ancient Cultist


  • MartinPlayZ2435 did Duke Fishron and Moon Lord.
  • ImARandomGamer did Wall of Flesh, the Dungeon Guardian and The Necra. Thanks to both of you!
  • Inferno Gear (Real Inferno Gear) did the Phantom's lore, the Motherboard, The Wall of Steel, The Earth Lord, The Murk, The Fleshballs, Ocram, The Desert Terror, The Sharpener, The Destroyer's Guardian, and rewrote the lore of the Mechanical Bosses and of the Lunatic Cultist.
  • The Wall of anger, The goblin army, Vix, Bio-me, Terrapture lore and Demented Neptune is by Zeptories
  • Terrapocalypse lore by HenryTheCyberCommandant
  • MrTangle101 did all of U-666 ,The Dictator, and MT-35
  • True Peasant Slime,The Sharkruptor, Consumer of Planetary Bodies, Consumstroyer, the Septuplets and Peasant Slime is by Pythonprogrammer11
  • King Slime, The Eye of Cthulhu, the Brain of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Icicole and the Messenger of the Ice King were written by J13, while Goblin Army was revised by them as well.
  • Marthoon did the Mastermind and the Cryo.
  • Erol the minecraft man did Cowthulhu.
  • The Super-Mechanical Bosses, Most of the Elemental Cult, (Excluding Electric) And the Unknown were done by DarknessReaper9
  • Terror Dragon was added By Presze
  • Death was added by Mrcreeperfun
  • SzyWikiduh did Crystalline Vindicator
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