The Ant Lyon is a boss that must be summoned in the Desert by the Giant Antlion Mandible once Plantera has been defeated. It is a Hardmode boss. The Ant Lyon's defeat allows for the summoning of the Shifting Sands event.


In the first part of the battle, the Ant Lyon will remain stationary, shooting sand projectiles dealing 50 damage each at the player. Once it lands, the sand will become solid. The Ant Lyon will summon small Antlions all around it as well.

In the second part of the battle, the Ant Lyon will periodically charge at the player, dealing 300 damage and knocking them back very far. It may also grab them in its pincers, dealing 30 damage, and throw them high up into the air. If no fall damage-negating accessory is worn, the damage taken is about 100.