The Aether Armor is a pre-hardmode armor. It's good for throwing class.


  • Helmet: 4 Defense, 3% increased throwing damage
  • Breastplate: 5 Defense, 5% increased throwing velocity
  • Greaves: 4 Defense, 3% increased movement speed
  • Set-Bonus: If you use a throwing weapon, and hit an enemy with it, you are getting the Featherfall Buff for 4 seconds.


  • Helmet: 5 Feathers, Lead/Iron Helmet and 15 Cloud Blocks
  • Breastplate: 7 Feathers, Lead/Iron Breastplate and 20 Cloud Blocks
  • Greaves: 5 Feathers, Lead/Iron Greaves and 10 Cloud Blocks
  • A total of 17 Feathers, An Iron/Lead Armor and 45 Cloud Blocks.
  • Crafted at an Anvil


  • If you hit an enemy as long you are in the air, you will get no fall damage. This can be useful in Boss Battles.
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