The Spider Staff

-The Spider Staff (Not to be confused with The Spider Staff or The Staff of the Lunar Spiders) is a hardmode magic staff which summons 4-6 purple beams of venom, which when makes contact with a enemy or solid block, splits into 3 green beams of poison which then splits into a burst of 8 mini-spiders. This weapon has a 15% chance to inflict either 'Webbed', 'Poisoned' or 'Venom' for 5 seconds. It deals 80 base damage for the purple projectiles, 70 for the green and 55 for the spiders. It cost 35 mana to cast.


-1 The Spider Staff

-1 Poison Staff

-1 Venom Staff

Further Crafting

-Combine a The Staff of The Spiders with 15 Luminite Bars to make The Staff of the Lunar Spiders.